Coronation Street spoilers. Daisy fights back against sick Justin in trial trauma

Daisy is forced to endure the acid assault and Justin’s stalking (Image: ITV)

In Coronation Street, Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) arrives at court as Justin Rutherford’s (Andrew Still) trial gets underway.

Viewers will recall that Justin pursued Daisy for months before to the acid incident.

When Daisy was awaiting the results of her breast cancer scan, they first met at the hospital.

A few weeks later, Daisy had been inundated by notes and floral arrangements, so she was shocked when Justin revealed his involvement when he entered the bar.

Daisy’s life deteriorated as Justin’s stalking increased. She was always worried that Justin would appear to see her as she walked along the cobblestones. After she had Justin jailed, he tried to avenge her by attacking her with acid, but Ryan (Ryan Prescott) leaped in front of them both and ended up becoming the victim.

Ryan is necessary for Daisy. (Image from ITV)

Daisy immediately loses it when faced with the prospect of testifying against Justin in court and tells Daniel (Rob Mallard) that she can’t do it.

Daisy is preparing to run away because she is too terrified to stand while Daniel testifies in court about how Justin hounded Daisy persistently.

Daisy is prompted to stand up and show Justin that he can’t control her after being seen by Carla (Alison King).

Daisy approaches the witness stand as the defence lawyer grills Daniel and portrays Daisy as erratic and easily influenced.

Will Daisy, however, possess the fortitude to deal with Justin and relive the assault?

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