Coronation Street spoilers: Toyah Battersby taken prisoner as she’s bundled into the back of a van in horror kidnap ordeal

Toyah is going to be in the middle of a terrible situation. (Image credit: MCPIX/Zenpix)

Later this year on Coronation Street, Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) will find herself at the heart of a horrific experience as on-location photos show that she has been abducted.

As she is abducted against her will and kept hostage in the back of a vehicle in forthcoming scenes, the well-known character, who has been a mainstay of the ITV soap for decades, will go through one of her worst traumas to date.


Georgia Taylor, who portrays Toyah, was seen on site with cast and crew as the serial drama’s grim plot began to be filmed.

As part of the story, the soap actress was seen with scratches and bruises on her face. Toyah’s eyeliner was also steaming down her cheeks, perhaps a sign that her character was feeling too much emotion for the circumstances.

These images show Toyah being thrown into the back of a vehicle and being rendered unconscious.

Pictures show Toyah unconscious (Picture: MCPIX / Zenpix)

In the back of a vehicle, Toyah is imprisoned (Image: MCPIX / Zenpix)

The cobbles mainstay, bound and gagged, can also be seen hammering against the side of the car in an attempt to be heard and released.

Will anybody, nevertheless, come to her aid? Will she be able to flee on her own, or not?

The kidnapping’s circumstances are still unknown, and viewers will have to wait to learn who is to blame for Toyah’s trauma and what precisely led to the kidnapping.

Toyah will desperately try to free herself from captivity (Picture: MCPIX / Zenpix)

Fans will undoubtedly be praying that Toyah survives the dramatic change of events, but the fate of the scenes is being kept a secret.

Absolutely, we are praying for the best!

Georgia was cast as Toyah in Coronation Street in 1997 and remained there for six years until leaving in 2003.

Georgia returned to the character of Toyah after achieving success in a number of other TV shows, such as Law & Order: UK and Casualty, where she portrayed Ruth Winters.

Following the passing of Toyah’s spouse Imran Habeeb (Charlie de Melo), the 42-year-old has been at the core of several tales, some of which have aired in the last year.

Toyah was then detained on suspicion of murder and put on trial before being found not guilty.

The well-known character has also reconnected with Spider Nugent (Martin Hancock), a former sweetheart from the 1990s who made a return to the ITV soap in the summer of the previous year.

With another experience expected, it seems that this year will be just as horrific for little Toyah, and Georgia is sure to wow us all once again with her incredible acting abilities.

ITV1 and ITVX broadcast Coronation Street at 8 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

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