EastEnders boss teases. dramatic new feud for Phil Mitchell

Is Phil about to face his match? (Image: Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron for the BBC)

EastEnders manager Chris Clenshaw has hinted at a possible conflict between one of the newcomers and Walford mainstay Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) as a new family is ready to move into Albert Square.

A number of people’ lives will be upended when George Knight (Colin Salmon) and his family show up on the Square, including local tough guy Phil.

“They come with a lot of baggage, but they have a few bags.” Chris, the show’s host, teased.

They engage often with the majority of the population and are located in the centre of the Square. They are suddenly thrown into their life as they go through the process of losing Lola.

While daughters Anna and Gina (Molly Rainford and Francesca Henry) don’t exactly leave a good first impression on the community, Phil is instantly drawn to George.

Although Phil has a history with George, their friendship is not guaranteed (Image: BBC).

Because he is a former boxer from the east end, George rapidly develops a close bond with Phil, who is already familiar with him. Chris clarified.

People are speculating if George and Phil will become rivals, which makes it a really fascinating area.

There is a good probability that Phil and George may end up fighting in the future because of Phil’s well-known short fuse, but on the whole, the actors get along, with Colin Salmon revealing that he views Steve McFadden as a “mentor.”

He is quite smart. Just get it done, make it work, and be ready, was his advise.

Steve arrives on set prepared. Although he keeps to himself, he is the boss and the alpha, but suddenly he joins the group on the couch and smiles. He is not aloof or anything of the kind. He is the man.

Colin described how his wife overhears some of their chats, which is how they remain in touch outside of the office.

We had an hour-long phone chat, and the first words were “you’re mad” and “get a bike” because that way you can go in and out very simply. “Is he mad?” my wife questioned. We’ve just spoken.

“Steve and I have a brief conversation about boxing, this, and the fact that he maintains his counsel, which is good mentoring.”

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