Emmerdale spoilers. Manpreet’s fearsome new enemy is Charles’ mum and things just got really awkward

In the café, Manpreet and Claudette met (Image: ITV).

In the Emmerdale episode airing on Thursday, May 25, Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker), Charles’ (Kevin Mathurin) mother, Claudette (Flo Wilson), gave her the shock of her life.

Things were tense right away since Manpreet and Claudette had already met at the café before they were even introduced.

After yet another quarrel with Charles, Manpreet had gone to get some breakfast.

Manpreet’s empty cup and plate were moved by Claudette when she was in the lavatory because she thought the mess on the table was the result of a little kid.

She was displeased to discover that Claudette had taken the same seat when Manpreet had returned.

Claudette finally prevailed in their fight, and Manpreet was sent on her way.

Manpreet’s face plummeted when she saw Claudette again at home as Charles went to answer the door, this time knowing her as her partner’s mother.

How embarrassing.

Naomi (Karene Peter) drove Claudette to David’s (Matthew Wolfenden) store as Manpreet struggled to recover from his shock.

Claudette was irritated that she couldn’t locate the correct components for her lunch and informed David that she’d talk to the management to get it sorted—unaware that he is the manager—before making her view of David’s store abundantly apparent.

Claudette and Manpreet’s argument was becoming more heated while Naomi and Charles dined.

When Claudette arrived to visit Charles, she had an instant impression. (Image from ITV)

She was shouting to Charles after dinner, complaining that his mother was pushing her to the breaking point, while Manpreet finished cleaning up.

She referred to Claudette as a “total nightmare,” but she didn’t want Charles to talk to her and start a fight.

But none of them understood as Manpreet blasted In the corridor, Claudette was listening in on all the conversation.

Can Claudette and Manpreet live together effectively when the dynamics of their home change?

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