Hollywood legend Colin Salmon has a touching explanation for his new EastEnders role: his wife is ill.

In EastEnders, Colin will portray George Knight. (Image by Jeff Spicer via Getty Images))

Colin Salmon, a well-known Hollywood actor, will appear as George Knight in forthcoming episodes of EastEnders, making his EastEnders debut.

George (Molly Rainford and Francesca Henry), a great boxer with a large heart, is joined by daughters Anna and Gina as they leave their life in Marbella behind and move in with George’s girlfriend Elaine Peacock (Harriet Thorpe).

Colin, who has been in several James Bond films and other Hollywood productions, detailed how the show’s executive producer, Chris Clenshaw, enticed him to the role and how it arrived at the perfect moment for him.

“I think you should talk to Chris,” my agency said, so I did. He had a vision and a genuine affection for the programme and its viewers. He was also passionate, clear, and progressive.

We must always give our all to our jobs, in my opinion. It’s crucial to have someone like that leading us.

In addition to being a passionate boss, Colin thought about the studios’ location and his personal ties to the East End.

Colin somberly said, “The universe has brought something quite extraordinary. My wife is not well, so I can’t be far from home.”

Everyone I’ve informed is becoming really enthusiastic. “I was born in Clapton Pond, I’m an EastEnder, and it was a major thing for us growing up. It was an easy decision!

The cosmos has been very generous. I like working hard, and it’s a new genre. I’m content.

Soon, George will take over the bar at The Queen Vic. (Image: Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron for the BBC)

Since joining the programme, Colin has enjoyed working closely with his new family, the Knights.

Working with this company has been a thrill for me as an actor; we’ve become a family.

One cast member, Linda Carter, who served as the head of the Carter family for over 10 years, is an EastEnders veteran among them.

I appreciate Kellie Bright being such a valuable ally and compatriot. Colin gave her admiration.

We can hang out and talk, but she has a great work ethic to push through and achieve this, which has been a delight.

Overall, it seems like Colin is enjoying his new position.

Although a little frightening, we’re having fun.

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