Kevin Mathurin, a star of Emmerdale, previews a significant development for Charles.

The cruel side of Charles Anderson will likely continue to be explored on Emmerdale, according to the show’s actor Kevin Mathurin.

The actor made light of Charles’ recent threats against bad boy Alex Moore, suggesting that they may be a portent of things to come for the local vicar.

The recent casting of Sanditon actress Flo Wilson as Charles’ strict mother Claudette will enable his past to be further explored in the months to come, according to the show’s producers.


In connection with the Nicola King conflict, Emmerdale’s Moira Dingle may experience internet reaction.

Kevin said of the new plot: “It’s wonderful to know a little more about Charles’ backstory and become a little more three-dimensional with the character. Charles’ family is shown to us, and as they expand, we get to see more of him outside of work in addition to his role as the town vicar.

In the middle of last year, our executive producer Jane Hudson approached me privately. At that time, people discussed Charles’ background and potential guests.

“Jane has always said that she wants to highlight Charles’ darker side. She believed that the situation had a darker aspect that she truly wanted the audience to witness.

It was beneficial to establish the family and create certain narratives and scenarios in which Charles occasionally prioritises being a man above doing his work.


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Alex was intimidated by Charles last month so that he would stop reporting Billy Fletcher for a hit-and-run.

Kevin said, looking back on the situation, “I loved every second of it. Charles is a charming guy. He has a great deal of empathy for everyone of his friends, family, and parishioners.

He sometimes has a tendency to stand by in circumstances when he ought to have intervened, but he prioritises his duties as a vicar. Charles finally responded, and it was fantastic to see him exhibit that part of himself. He knows when he has had enough.

“I was happy to see the crowd respond well to the moment. Many people commented online that they liked the instances when Charles stood up for himself and revealed a darker side, which piqued people’s curiosity about his history.

It’s usually a good idea to hide small Easter eggs in stories that we may come back to.

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