Molly Rainford, a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing, discusses her EastEnders part.

Molly Rainfo

rd, who has been on CBBC and Strictly Come Dancing, has provided further information about her new recurring role on EastEnders.

Anna Knight, a member of the new family who will be relocating to the Queen Vic, was just cast as Molly.

Viewers have previously watched Elaine Peacock, the mother of Linda Carter, negotiate an agreement to share ownership of the bar.

Kellie Bright, an EastEnders actor, previews Linda Carter’s major new shock

Elaine shocks Linda by moving in with her lover George and his two kids Anna and Gina in scenes that will broadcast the following week.

This week, Molly exclaimed during an EastEnders news conference: “It is insane. Since we can all remember, we’ve all been fans of EastEnders. Since the majority of our family are from the East End, most of us have a connection to it.

“Anna is a bright, upbeat character who tries to get along with everyone. She is eager to start a new life in Walford. The wonderful thing is that she is the link that binds the triangle of dad, sister, and herself together.

Being a member of the family in that manner is fantastic. She demonstrates that compassion is not always seen as a sign of weakness. They are always the glue, and she is the baby.

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Molly’s response, when asked whether Anna and Gina are seeking for love, was: “We’ve come from Marbella and that environment, working behind the bar, so they’ve grown up rapidly. Instead of looking for anything too serious too soon, they are eager to explore the fresh visual candy on the Square. The females are your average 20-somethings and are just happy to be there.

By designating James Bye, who portrays Martin Fowler on EastEnders, as Molly’s coach, EastEnders executives have also made sure that Molly has a Strictly Come Dancing link on the set. Every new cast member on EastEnders has a mentor to assist them in adjusting.

James and Molly already shared a Strictly spotlight in the 20th season last year.

Colin Salmon, a recent addition to EastEnders, teases George and Elaine’s love.

Mine is the beautiful Jimmy Bye, Molly affirmed. On Strictly, we first met. It’s really difficult to know whether I should be studying scripts, a cha-cha, or working on my frame every time I pass him in the hallway. We seem to require a moment in which someone asks, “Do I know you?!”

“You have to work hard. We are fortunate to be at The Vic, and I am pleased that we have arrived as a family. We interact with so many other cast members that we feel very welcomed right away. They are such a kind group and already act like family, which is wonderful for us.

BBC One broadcasts EastEnders from Monday through Thursday at 7.30 p.m. The programme is also available on BBC iPlayer.

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