Coronation Street reveals first look at Ryan Connor court scenes for Justin’s trial

New spoiler images from Coronation Street depict Ryan Connor testifying during Justin Rutherford’s trial.

Next week, when Ryan testifies against Justin in court, he takes a courageous choice that makes him relive his experience with the acid assault.

Ryan will momentarily ponder abandoning the trial in forthcoming episodes as he loses faith that Justin will be found guilty.

Ryan begins to have misgivings when Daisy Midgeley and him are both duped by Justin’s crafty sister Karen, who spies on them before giving her brother’s defence team some key information.


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Ryan goes into the witness box and gives the court the whole account of how Justin intentionally targeted Daisy when he threw acid during a trip to the Rovers Return.

Then he remembers taking the acid with all of its power, which caused unbearable anguish.

Ryan is aggressively cross-examined by the defence attorney, who claims that he is in love with Daisy.

Then, Justin’s defence puts out the absurd alternate hypothesis that Ryan and Daisy jointly planned the acid assault.


Daniel Brocklebank, who plays Daniel in Coronation Street, replies to Billy’s revelation about Paul.

Who will the jury believe—Ryan and Daisy are horrified?

Ryan’s always had this upbeat attitude on life, but lately, we’ve seen that drowned out by the things that have occurred to him, according to Ryan Prescott, who portrays Ryan.

“But when he appears in court, it seems like some of that has returned. He probably isn’t now aware of what a significant stride he has made, but he may become aware of it after the trial.

“It’s a shock to the system, but he faces Justin immediately,” he said. He looks him down and doesn’t avert his gaze because he is terrified of himself more than he is of Justin.

He has been waiting for this opportunity to meet Justin since he harbours such intense hate and anger against him.

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