Soap & Spoilers EastEnders EastEnders boss Chris Clenshaw reveals why he chose Lola to die in tragic story

EastEnders boss Chris Clenshaw reveals why he chose Lola to die in tragic story

Chris Clenshaw describes his decision to use Lola in this plot. (Image from ITV)

When it was revealed that Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold), who had been diagnosed with a brain tumour, was going to die at the conclusion of a heartbreaking plotline, EastEnders fans were horrified.

Chris Clenshaw, the executive producer of EastEnders, has stated that there was a very significant purpose for choosing Lola to tell this tale.

Actress Danielle Harold said that she thought the character had more to do when confronted with the plot that would cause her to leave the programme.

I just felt that Lola had so much to offer throughout our talk, but he said he wanted to share it with her before she passed away.

“He’s done that justice,” I said, “because I’ve literally been like, “What about this?” Even with the smallest details, he’s just been so amazing at making Lola’s life make sense.”

Chris said, “It’s what Lola deserves, isn’t it?”

We have long desired it, but I believe it to be very challenging. I believe that is the character Danielle has developed, even though none of us want to say goodbye to either Danielle or the persona.

She is so well-liked, and a narrative like this can only be told with a character who is so well-liked.

Danielle said that she was unaware at the time that Lola was one of the most adored characters on the programme, but Chris could see that.

There is not much time left for Lola to live (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

But I told you when you stated that, “I don’t think she is!” I’ve never felt like the figure Chris was portraying since it’s been so overwhelming for me. Chris saw it in me, and it was great. It was a catch-22.

Chris continued by saying that they debated the subject for a long time before deciding to go forward with it.

‘We didn’t make this choice lightly; we thought about it for a long time to make sure it was the correct one.

They have been overwhelmed by the awareness that the study has created, according to the statement.

Chris said that the feedback from people who have said how Lola’s tale has resonated with their own experiences and given them some solace makes it all worthwhile.

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