Emmerdale spoilers: Angel makes desperate plea to Nicola after nearly dying

The aftermath is challenging. (Images from ITV)

The fallout from the car accident that put Angel King (Rebecca Bakes) in a critical condition and required months of recovery is still being played out in upcoming Emmerdale episodes, and poor Angel finds herself caught in the middle of a conflict between Moira Barton (Natalie J. Robb) and her mother Nicola (Nicola Wheeler).

After Jimmy (Nick Miles) neglected to take Angel to her dentist appointment, Nicola became anxious and crashed. Nicola bundled her kid into the vehicle and they headed to the dentist, but she wasn’t paying attention to the road because of her irate attitude. At a blind intersection, her car collided with Moira’s, and Nicola was confident that Moira was to blame for the entire incident.

At the scene, Angel was able to receive first treatment by Vet Tom King (James Chase), but when she was taken to the hospital, doctors informed Jimmy and Nicola that she would require immediate surgery and that it would take months for her injuries to heal fully.

In subsequent episodes, Nicola will seek retribution for her daughter’s injuries by using all of her wrath, hurt, and maybe guilt. Moira will be her clear target. Jimmy begs Nicola to listen to him and tells her that Angel is the one who really needs her right now while she gathers proof to support her claim.

Will she give Angel any ear? The crash was an accident, and no one was at fault, as her daughter attempts to convince her, but once again, Nicola’s obsession with making Moira pay for what occurred causes Nicola to disregard the reality that her daughter just wants her mother to be there to support and care for her.

Vehicles driven by Nicola and Moira collided (Image: ITV)

As Nicola intensifies her attacks on Moira by accusing her publicly online and bringing up her entire family, it becomes too much for Moira, who shows up at Victoria Cottage to confront Nicola.

And that’s when Angel loses his cool. She declares that Nicola, not Moira, was at fault for the vehicle accident.

Will Nicola take accountability?

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