‘It wasn’t a choice we took lightly,’ the EastEnders executive says of the decision to kill off Lola Pearce in the heartbreaking terminal cancer plot.

An EastEnders executive explained why Lola Pearce was selected for the heartbreaking terminal cancer plot of the BBC soap opera. The final moments of the Danielle Harold-played character, who has a deadly brain tumour and was just given only months to live, are anticipated to appear this week.

And while many viewers have been upset as a result, Chris Clenshaw, the executive producer of the serial, has acknowledged that’s precisely why it “needed” to be done. According to Chris, the character had to be “loved” since the show’s producers wanted to increase awareness of the disease.

‘The ending of one of our biggest storylines of the past year, and almost everyone on the show is extremely proud of the story, it’s also an extremely sad time for us as we say farewell to the incredible Danielle Harold,’ he revealed while speaking at a press screening for Lola’s final episode.

‘When we originally came up with the concept of presenting the narrative, we discussed at some length, and it certainly wasn’t a choice that we took lightly,’ he stated.We all thought that this was one of those tales that needed to be told because the subject was so compelling. We know from other stories like this that when EastEnders confronts or raises awareness of a problem, the impact can be enormous.

Our grasp of the situation improved, and we saw how crucial it was that we act, thanks to the assistance of Brain Tumour Research and Macmillan Cancer Support, whose aid and support has been priceless.

And let me tell you, Danielle has poured her heart and soul into both the performance and the in-depth research from the very beginning. Chris continued by expressing his admiration for Danielle for portraying Lola’s tragic path.

“I think it’s really challenging.” I believe that is the character Danielle has developed, even though none of us want to say goodbye to either Danielle or the persona.She is so well-liked, and a narrative like this can only be told with a character who is so well-liked.

Everyone is aware of Danielle’s skill. But she has amazed everyone right from the start of this plot,’ he remarked. She has depicted the cruelty of what many people who receive a fatal diagnosis experience with such care and thought, and she has also been thorough in detail with her execution.

“Danielle will quite rightly be at the centre of the show over the next week on screen,” he acknowledged. “And as viewers are aware, Lola is sadly coming to the end of her life.”

Despite being difficult to witness, there were many instances where Lola’s tenacity and resolve shone through, something Danielle and we were all anxious to make sure we kept up.

We see a family getting ready to say farewell with people around her, including Jay and Billy, portrayed by Jamie Borthwick and Perry Fenwick, who have both been terrific in this drama.

“It is incredibly moving, with strong performances from everyone involved, and we hope that we have brought attention to a problem that sadly affects so many people,” the group said. The next week, Lola starts having convulsions, and the nurse informs Jay that his wife is rapidly approaching the end of her life.

The last moments of Lola will be shown on May 31, 2023, on Wednesday. In the previous week’s shows, Lola began saying her last goodbyes to her daughter Lexie on Wednesday, leaving viewers’sobbing’.

Lola has begun saying farewell to her closest loved ones as her condition deteriorates, starting with her daughter Lexie. The mother and daughter had a heart-to-heart after the mother had a baptism to “end up” in paradise with her daughter.

‘I’m delighted we’re going to be in paradise together,’ Lexi said to her mother. Me too,” Lola retorted. But I’m willing to wait for a very long period, okay? I initially want you to have a long and contented life. You know I’ll always be watching out for you.

Lola continued to sob as she said: “Lex, as Mommy gets a little weaker, I need you to be a little stronger for me, ok?”You know, if you ever want to talk to me, just talk to me, just as the Reverend did with God. I’ll never stop listening.

“You’re going to feel my arms tighten around you when you’re hurt,” I said.You’ll hear me laughing with you when you’re joyful. “I will watch over you constantly, okay?”

When she has a daughter, Lexie said, “I’m going to tell her all about you.” Ben Mitchell, Lexie’s father, then interrupted their tearful discussion to apologies for his attitude.

Earlier in the show, a furious Ben yelled at Lola, telling her she “should be in the hospital,” for “not fighting enough.” He also disclosed to Lola that he had assured their daughter that she would be there for Lexie’s September start of school.

Despite a scuffle between Ben and Lola’s current boyfriend Jay, who warned Ben to “back off,” it appears his advice was not heard. A calculating Ben could be seen on the phone with a doctor as the episode’s closing credits rolled, outlining his plans to keep Lola alive for a few more months.

As the programme aired, people expressed their heartbreak at the heartbreaking scenes on Twitter. One person said, “I’m sobbing,” and another, “God, this is heartbreaking.”

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