Emmerdale spoilers: Chloe gets ready to rebel as she vows to snare Mack

Are changes occurring? (Image from ITV)

Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) begins to reevaluate her sentiments towards the father of her kid as the fallout from the revelation that Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) is the father of Chloe Harris’s baby Reuben (Sebastian Kenneth Downes) continues to be felt across Emmerdale.

It appeared that only booze and Mack’s self-pity after he and Charity (Emma Atkins) had exchanged some harsh words that had brought them together after coming acquainted for a one-night stand during which Reuben was born. They didn’t appear to get along well, and Chloe’s pregnancy didn’t change their relationship.

Mack was totally committed to maintaining his friendship with Charity. He desired Chloe and the baby would stop being his dirty little secret, so when she revealed that she was relocating to Scotland, he was relieved.

When Chloe revealed that she was having a boy and let him feel the baby move, everything for him began to change. He was torn between his affections for the infant and his desire to become a father from that point on.

Of fact, Chloe has endured much more. After giving birth to Reuben and adjusting to life as a mother, it didn’t take long for Reuben to become unwell and force her to consider losing him. She refused to leave her kid for even a second while he was in the hospital, displaying her ferocious and strong love for him.

Mack was also rejected by her when he requested to be

by Reuben’s side as well, admonishing him properly that he hadn’t earned that privilege.

Everything for Mackenzie has changed. (Image from ITV)

However, after the truth was known, there was no obstacle to Mackenzie spending more time with Reuben. In subsequent episodes, this causes Chloe and Mack to become closer as Mack vows that going forward, he’ll be there for his kid.

Misreading the scenario, Chloe tries to kiss Mack, but he declines since he still has feelings for Charity.

Chloe is left to consider her developing feelings for Mack as Mack tries to mend the harm that has been done to his marriage by spending time with Charity and Moses (Arthur Cockroft) at the playground.

Although Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson) cautions her sister against trying to pursue a relationship with Mack, it appears that Chloe will disregard her advise.

Will Charity and Mack find love again? Or is it possible that Chloe, Mack, and Reuben will unite to form the family she dreams of?

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