Soap & Spoilers EastEnders In 25 years of EastEnders, Perry Fenwick says the loss of Lola Pearce is his “saddest ever cast exit.”

In 25 years of EastEnders, Perry Fenwick says the loss of Lola Pearce is his “saddest ever cast exit.”

Billy’s loss from Lola’s passing, and Perry’s loss from Danielle’s departure (Image: Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron for the BBC)

After 25 years on the programme, Billy Mitchell’s actor Perry Fenwick, who portrays Lola Pearce, has admitted that her death is ‘without a question’ the saddest farewell tale he has been a part of.

After battling an uncurable brain tumour, Lola Pearce will pass away in heartbreaking moments.

The opportunity for Lola’s family to say farewell will occur in the devastating final episodes, leaving the viewers inconsolable.

Despite the fact that Perry has been a part of the programme for 25 years and has seen many characters come and go, she admitted that her final moments with Danielle were heartbreaking.

We’ve been acting out this scenario with the gang; in it, we lose Danielle but lose Lola.

Given that Perry was present for Danielle’s very first scenes back in 2011, it makes sense why he would feel such sadness to see her go.

“When our casting director informed me that this little girl was being cast as Billy’s granddaughter, I wasn’t thrilled about it!

I questioned what she had done previously, and they said that she had never acted before, but they believed you could polish a rough diamond!

“I had a meeting with her and told her to be punctual, make sure she understood her lines, and know the fundamentals!” Well…’

Since 2011 Perry and Danielle have collaborated on projects (Image: BBC).

The actor who portrays Jay Brown, Jamie Borthwick, and Danielle were praised by Perry for their performance on this challenging plot, pointing out how hard it can be to reach the emotions needed to play situations like this.

Jamie and Danielle did a fantastic job. No tear sticks on any of this since we knew we wouldn’t need them. Sometimes we have pages and pages of emotional work and you attempt to put yourself in a dark place, such dreadful places to go in order to try, but sometimes it doesn’t work.

It’s been difficult, but the message it conveys and for the programme, producer Chris Clenshaw, and for the

‘Actors, there are a few of us who have been on the sidelines for a long; this is a great chance to showcase what we can accomplish.

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