Soap & Spoilers Coronation Street Roy dread passing away and gives out farewell notes in this Coronation Street spoiler video.

Roy dread passing away and gives out farewell notes in this Coronation Street spoiler video.

In a depressing new Coronation Street clip, Roy Cropper (David Neilson) muses on his mortality as he prepares to deliver goodbye letters to Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman) the next week.

The café king recently passed out after experiencing further chest symptoms; he was later diagnosed with angina and required surgery.

Although Roy has the advantage, these treatments have hazards, and Roy is a little more terrified than he is letting on.

The next week, as his worries grow, he begins to sleepwalk once more.

He confides in Nina Lucas (Mollie Gallagher) about his condition as a result of her concern for him.

Roy informs Evelyn that while he is certain the operation will be a success, he is ready for the worst case scenario when she enters the café.

Evelyn is not happy to be tasked with Roy’s letters (Picture: ITV)

When he delivers Evelyn a set of letters and asks her to send them to the people he loves in the event of his passing, she is shocked.

Evelyn labels this emotional coercion, but she submits and tells Roy that he will receive his things back as soon as he feels better.

Evelyn reads her own letter the day before the surgery and is touched to find that Roy has expressed his affection for her.

Evelyn looks to be ready for romance once things go smoothly, but has Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King) gotten there first?

Infuriated to see Yasmeen near Roy’s bed while he heals, Evelyn chooses not to express her own emotions to him.

Is there still hope for romance after this?

Maureen put the idea of them getting together romantically on the back burner a few months ago since she wasn’t sure the authors of the screenplay would take them there.

She insisted to us, “I don’t think Evelyn has the hots for Roy, or him for her.” ‘It’s at best lukewarm, and I doubt she will take her vest off.

Roy is in a panic due to his cardiac ailment (ITV).

They are lonely individuals, yet there are various kinds of love. She kind of wasted the opportunity for romance she had with Arthur. The horse may have escaped since the stable door is closed, I believe.

But because she likes working with David Neilson so much, she hopes that the connection will last. She remarked, “David Neilson is an actor after my own heart.” “He’s very meticulous and full of subtext, and I like working with him,” the speaker said.

This episode of Coronation Street will run on ITV on May 31 at 7:30 p.m.

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