EastEnders’ Danielle Harold teases new role after Lola as Coronation Street’s Kimberly Hart Simpson is confirmed

With her depiction of Lola Pearce’s tragic brain tumour narrative over the last few weeks, Danielle Harold has captured the attention of fans. However, she is shortly to leave EastEnders for another moving television role, working with a well-known Coronation Street actor.

For Stand Up to Cancer’s Celebrity Hunted, Danielle has registered. She will attempt to avoid being captured by the hunters in order to raise money for the charity, as seen on the show.

She has partnered with Kimberly Hart Simpson, well known for portraying Nicky Wheatley in the competing serial opera Coronation Street, for her new endeavour.

The couple has been using social media to tease the hunters, who are desperate to find them, ever since shooting started. Given that the objective of the game is to remain undetected for as long as possible, this is a dangerous tactic.

To tease the hunters’ whereabouts, Danielle shared a photo of them on social media.

She captioned one of the images, “So close yet so far,” and added two happy and sobbing expressions.

To provoke the hunters and boast about the soap stars’ triumph, she made sure to tag them in the post.

She also included a picture of herself and Kimberly playing “hide and seek” while both of them were covered up by a blanket.

Kimberly and Danielle stayed undiscovered by the hunters. (Image via Danielle Harold’s Instagram)

Just a few days prior, the couple addressed the hunters in a video that they shared to Kimberly’s Instagram stories aboard a boat while sipping champagne.

“Hello, hunters! Since it’s obvious that you’re doing badly, we simply thought we’d send you a quick note and maybe a cheeky little hint, Danielle stated.

Therefore, we thought we’d try to assist you a little.

‘Here’s to you, hunters,’ Kimberly concluded, ‘we’re having a great time on our vacation.’

For several months, Lola has battled a brain tumour (Photo credit: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron).

Danielle’s first TV job since leaving EastEnders is in Celebrity Hunted, and in forthcoming scenes, her character Lola will tragically pass away from a brain tumour.

‘After filming Lola’s narrative, Danielle is anxious to do anything she can to assist raise money for the fight against cancer,’ a source who spoke to The Sun about this new endeavour stated.

She will put her everything into the performance and, perhaps, manage to escape notice long enough to defeat the Hunters.

Kimberly has made appearances on Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion and Coronation Street after leaving both shows.

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