Soap & Spoilers EastEnders EastEnders spoilers. George Knight publicly proposes to Elaine Peacock but what is he hiding?

EastEnders spoilers. George Knight publicly proposes to Elaine Peacock but what is he hiding?

Something about him seems odd. (Image: BBC)

After just returning from Marbella, George Knight (Colin Salmon) and his two children are about to wreak havoc in Albert Square.

Even though George is popular with certain residents, Anna and Gina (Molly Rainford and Francesca Henry), who are anxious to start the celebration but are ignorant that a catastrophe has broken out on the Square, are disliked by many right away.

Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) doesn’t like the family either since she feels as though outsiders have broken into her house.

Linda is terrified when George presents himself as Elaine Peacock’s (Harriet Thorpe) fella and says he has travelled from Marbella to assist in managing the Queen Vic.

She keeps having problems with her new house guests, especially when Elaine and George, who are in love, settle in.

When Linda overhears George on the phone and learns that he hasn’t sold his own pub in Marbella, things only grow worse for Linda.

She suddenly realises that he lacks the resources to sustain the Vic accounts and yells at him to go out of the pub with his kids.

But his next action astounds everyone as he asks Elaine to marry him in front of the audience!

Linda, who is worried that George is nothing more than a gold-digger pursuing Elaine’s money, advises her to end the relationship while Elaine is torn between accepting or rejecting.

Linda is not really happy. (Image: BBC)

George meets with Elaine to talk about the future after visiting his new buddy Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden), who advises him to strive for what he wants.

Will they cling to one another or part ways?

Linda learns something about George’s Marbella pub while still resolved to get rid of George and the rest of the Knight family once and for all.

Linda challenges him because she thinks the knowledge she’s discovered will change the situation.

Has she put him in a tight spot? What exactly is he concealing?

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