Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale Emmerdale spoilers: Angel fears Nicola will become ill in trauma relapse

Emmerdale spoilers: Angel fears Nicola will become ill in trauma relapse

Angel told some unpleasant realities. (Images from ITV)

In Monday’s (May 29) episode of Emmerdale, Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) was unrelenting in her pursuit of ‘justice’ against Moira Barton (Natalie J. Robb), despite the fact that no anyone else backed her cause.

When Nicola was taking her daughter Angel (Rebecca Bakes) to a dental appointment, they collided with Moira’s car at a crossroads, causing serious injuries. Nicola had been anxious and preoccupied, and she was certain that Moira was solely to blame for the mishap. Only when niece Tom King (James Chase) informed her that Moira had been up all night the night before the accident because one of her cows was giving birth did she get this information reinforced in her memory.

Since the police had already established that it was an accident and nobody’s responsibility, Nicola was eager to find someone who would agree with her opinion that Moira was to blame.

She went to see Liam (Jonny McPherson) first. She had been looking into the impacts of driver tiredness and questioned whether it may have had a role. After making it clear that Nicola was not the one who had been driving while fatigued, Liam claimed there was nothing he could do and “no real case to build.”

But as Nicola is often telling people, she is a lady with connections. In the hopes that he could help, she got in touch with a buddy who served on the council’s roads committee. Like Liam, he said that there was no evidence to suggest Moira was to blame and sped off while Nicola yelled at him on the street.

Tom, who was with Nicola’s sons, who were concerned at the condition their mother was in, witnessed this episode. When Tom brought up the subject with his aunt, she made it clear that she was remorseful about the occurrence. Tom explained to her what Jimmy (Nick Miles) had been attempting to convey to her all day: going to the hospital to be with Angel would be the most crucial and beneficial thing she could do.

Eventually, Nicola accomplished it and went to the hospital with the rest of the family.

When she was by herself with Angel, she assured her daughter that she was still committed to fighting for justice on her behalf. Even though Angel is only 14 years old, she is quite perceptive and seems to understand the motivations behind all of Nicola’s actions and emotions.

She responded, “This is how you were when those girls beat you up.” It was all you spoke about.

Nicola believes Moira is to blame (ITV image)

In a desolate parking lot last year, Nicola was brutally attacked by a group of girls that included Naomi (Karene Peter). Nicola said the girls had earned it as well.

“They deliberately hurt you.” Angel claimed, “Moira didn’t hurt me on purpose.”

Angel was concerned that she may follow in Nicola’s footsteps after the female gang assaulted her, as Nicola experienced panic attacks, anxiety, and agoraphobia.

She was concerned that experiencing panic episodes might cause her to get unwell once more. “Then you can’t take care of me,” she said.

Angel sustained a leg injury after the crash (Picture: ITV)

Although Nicola should have taken these remarks as the wake-up call she needed, she persisted, claiming that by seeking justice against Moira, who was “driving half asleep,” she was protecting Angel.

Angel noted that Nicola had also not been paying attention. She begged, “Won’t you just drop it, it was an accident.”

Nicola’s response was vague. “I’ll act in your best interests, sweetheart. I constantly do.

Will she give up her grudge in favour of her daughter, or will she keep looking for Moira? And if she proceeds in that direction, may Angel be correct in his assessment of the potential impact on Nicola’s mental health?

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