Emmerdale spoilers: Charity plans revenge as she catches Mack kissing Chloe

Time for Charity to exact justice (Images from ITV)

Nobody knows how Mack (Lawrence Robb) from Emmerdale ever believed he could get away with this disaster, and while Charity (Emma Atkins) may have been unusually restrained up until this point, Mack will take one step too far and be forced to watch as his life goes up in flames.

As Mack spends time getting to know his son and therefore spends time with Chloe (Jessie Elland), Charity is having a challenging week. Mack and Chloe spend the entire afternoon together, and Sarah (Katie Hill) is left to make the difficult decision of whether or not to inform her grandmother about it.

The following day is Sarah’s birthday, and before Moses, Ryan (James Moore), and Noah (Jack Downham) break in, Charity pulls the old “oh I forgot” ruse. Charity invites Chloe to the party since she is a gracious person, but it backfires when a cruel or illiterate Mack comes up with Reuben.

Given that he had previously assured Charity that his only goal was to raise Reuben, and that he had no plans to marry Chloe, she is understandably inconsolable by the sight.

But Chloe definitely has feelings for him. Reuben now feels like he has a true little family after spending so much time with them. Later, when the infant achieves a milestone and grins for the first time, she moves one step closer to realising her goal. Chloe and Mack share an emotional kiss in a less-than-discreet back room.

Arriving at Sarah’s celebration are Mack and Chloe (Image: ITV).

Both of them feel uneasy right away and are unsure of how to respond, however none of them objects to more happening. But none of them realises that Charity has seen it all, so they are both concerned about the wrong thing. They are both worried about what it implies.

As wrath boils in her veins, Charity tells Chas (Lucy Pargeter) what she witnessed at this point, signalling the return of the real Charity.

She attempts to persuade Chas that she is over Mack, but no one is stupid enough to believe her. Instead, Charity is thinking about getting even. What has she in store for Mack and Chloe, who are both blissfully unprepared?

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