Claire King said she will no longer be working in Emmerdale village due to her health.

When Claire was about 28 years old, she received her diagnosis. (Image from ITV)

Actress Claire King, who performs the iconic role of Kim Tate in Emmerdale, has previously been candid about her health issues.

When she was approximately 28 years old, the actress received a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, and she has previously talked about how it affected her while she was filming demanding sequences in the plot line where Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) was murdered.

She said on This Morning that it’s “cold and damp” to film in the area. I’d rather be in Spain,” she often says, adding that she has a lot of discomfort.

Claire was one of the cast members who couldn’t film during the coronavirus epidemic because of the way her illness made her vulnerable.

In 2020, she admitted to OK! Magazine that “when I get a flare up, it’s not nice and it does make you feel very tired.” ‘The cold seems like it goes to your bones when I’m on site in the winter.

People sometimes overlook it since you don’t use a wheelchair or limp, but on the programme, they take care of me and give me more inside sequences in the winter.

Fortunately, Claire may feel more at ease at work because she spends a lot of time on the Home Farm set.

You can do more with it since it’s a great spacious set and you’re not packed in. She recently joked that Caleb Milligan, played by William Ash, has really transformed himself into somebody we like.

(Image: ITV) Caleb wants to take over Home Farm.

She said, “He practically lives there.” “Enters, drinks a brandy, makes coffee…”

Naturally, the reason Caleb spends so much time at Home Farm is because he has plans to take control of the opulent home, Kim’s enterprises, and the money in her bank account. He actually won’t stop until all of Kim’s possessions are his, since he holds her responsible for the passing of his father, Frank Tate (Norman Bowler).

If Caleb’s scheme is successful, Kim will be kicked out of Home Farm and forced to start over in a more modest home in the village.

Claire informed us that it’s not a possibility she relishes.

She was kicked out of Home Farm and eventually settled in the village, she remembered, adding, “She’s been there before when we had the old triangle, the Dave/Kim/Frank triangle.”

In the winter, Claire’s filming style alters (Image: ITV).

My greatest concern was that I may find myself there once more. My rheumatoid arthritis was unable to handle it!

Despite how lovely it is, Emmerdale players frequently lament how it may be uncomfortable chilly there for most of the year. It can’t be appealing to cope with the cold too frequently for someone whose health is severely damaged by it.

The authors will decide whether Kim stays at Home Farm or must go on, but if she must leave, Claire has a straightforward request: “I just hope there’s a set inside if she does!”

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