Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale Emmerdale newcomer Flo Wilson reveals Claudette’s true nature amid ‘cruelty’

Emmerdale newcomer Flo Wilson reveals Claudette’s true nature amid ‘cruelty’

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Another face! (Image from ITV)

The advent of Charles Anderson’s mother, Claudette, who arrives to the town with very strong opinions about how her son should be acting, will put Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin), the vicar of Emmerdale, to the ultimate test of his faith.

Claudette has the greatest of intentions, even if that’s not how she can always come across, according to Flo Wilson, who plays her.

She said, “I think if anything she maybe infantilizes him a little bit.” But she is doing it because she cares about him and wants to take care of him, since it is her only responsibility to him. She has always taken care of him, but he is now an adult and has moved out. Since she has arrived, I guess I’ll simply go back to doing that, like ironing his clothing or something. He says, “Mom, just let me be a grown man. I’m a mature man. He’s her baby, therefore I don’t believe she’ll let him.

According to Flo, Claudette sees her duty as encompassing all facets of Charles’s life, including his career.

“Claudette is thinking that he will think it’s wonderful because she will be coming in to help him so he can focus on his parish and parishioners while she concentrates on the cooking and making sure he gets his three square meals a day, as well as helping him with his sermons,” she said. She believes she will be assisting him.

“I believe that she is the reason he is a vicar in her eyes.” She required him to attend Sunday school. He wouldn’t practise religion if she hadn’t required him to attend Sunday school. She considers the church, his dog collar, and his standing in the community, concluding that it is all up to her. She’s really happy for him.

She is less pleased with the fact that he is ‘living in sin’ with Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) because they are not wed.

Manpreet and Claudette are expected to argue (ITV image)

Flo said, “She’s old school, traditional, right and wrong.” “The fact that he resides with Manpreet… She finds it difficult to comprehend. According to her, if you love her, you get married because he claims he does.

All of this sounds like Charles’ worst nightmare, but Flo assured him that despite her character’s tendency to come out as nasty, she actually has good intentions.

The writing is simply outstanding. She said, “I absolutely adore the things she says and the way she says them. Many interpretations suggest that it may be rather harsh. She really isn’t; that’s the problem. She may have just forgotten how to interact with others because she has been living alone for some time.

She’s slowly learning to control her behaviour and learn how to listen as well as talk now that she’s back in her son’s life and among people, in my opinion. I believe she simply gets used to chatting while ignoring you.

We won’t misbehave around Claudette! (Image from ITV)

‘She speaks her mind, but she feels like she’s expressing the truth, and it’s important to be straightforward, but I don’t believe she always realises that she could hurt someone’s feelings until she’s done it,’ says one person. She is not malicious in the slightest, yet she does disregard the emotions and sentiments of others.

Claudette has a great sense of humour, which Flo told us she hoped we would see more of as the character becomes more used to the community.

I do believe that Claudette has a sense of comedy, and I’m hoping you’ll get the chance to see it emerge a little more. Although she does have a sense of humour, you can see glimmers of them in her eyes, but right now she comes out as being a little too harsh.

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