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Emmerdale spoilers: Nicola stunned as Angel reveals who really caused the accident

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Nicola received a warning. (Image from ITV)

In Tuesday’s (May 30) visit to Emmerdale, Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) was still on the attack after pledging she wouldn’t stop until her daughter Angel had justice

. She made the decision to go online and disseminate her charges against Moira Barton (Natalie J.

Robb) via “mum’s group pages.” According to her hypothesis, Moira was to blame for the accident that left her daughter needing crutches.

At the start of the episode, Angel (Rebecca Bakes) was discharged from the hospital and went home. Nicola also pledged she’d be there for her kid, with Rodney (Patrick Mower) and Tom (James Chase) prepared to welcome her and Jimmy (Nick Miles) ready to cater to her every need.

However, it was immediately apparent that Nicola was still intent on exacting retribution for the incident between her automobile and Moira’s.

Despite the fact that viewers could see that Nicola was frazzled and disoriented at the time of the crash, she insisted that Moira was to fault.

Nicola seems to have gotten into a fight after the incident, maybe to absolve herself of the guilt she felt for thinking her daughter’s injuries were her responsibility.

She also seemed to be reacting in some way to the time she was attacked by the female gang and chased after Naomi (Karene Peter) as a result.

Nicola handles with terrible sentiments by seeking justice, and Angel was aware of this when she told her mother that she would get ill once more.

Nicola crashed into Moira’s car (Picture: ITV)

Although Nicola’s intentions may be comprehensible, her actions in this episode were most definitely unacceptable. Making charges online was her next move when she was unable to convince Liam (Jonny McPherson) or her counsellor buddy to support her belief that Moira was to blame for the disaster.

Isaac (Bobby Dunsmoir), who was attending the vacation club, called Moira to report that he had injured another youngster. He admitted to pushing a youngster who was being cruel to him when she brought him home. He informed his mother that the other mothers were discussing what they had read about Moira online and that “he said my brother was a murderer and you’re a murderer too because you tried to kill someone.”

Nicola had already stated publicly that Kyle (Huey Quinn) is a killer, so Moira immediately rushed to her house knowing precisely where this had originated from.

If Nicola persisted in her vengeance, she would face “bad consequences,” she threatened, adding, “If you harm my kids again, I’ll put an end to your nonsense.”

While this was happening, Jimmy and Angel arrived at the door, and Angel spoke to her mother in a serious manner.

She informed her, “We both know the truth.” “You’re to blame for the crash,” was said.

Will Nicola ever come to terms with her role in what transpired?

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