Chloe and Mack’s secret kiss was revealed in an Emmerdale spoiler video, but not by Charity

In this new Emmerdale clip, Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) and Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) are struggling to get over their recent kiss.

After learning that Mackenzie is Reuben’s father, Charity (Emma Atkins) naturally reacted violently and pushed her husband out. She afterwards took great joy in distributing his clothes and other personal belongings across the community.

Charity has handled the situation in her own manner, but Mack has handled it by getting to know his infant son, accompanying Chloe to the register office, and finally becoming the parent he has always wanted to be.

Mackenzie is categorically out of Charity’s life (Photo: ITV)

Chloe is absolutely loving the stability Mackenzie is giving her now that Reuben has been discharged from the hospital after being diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. In fact, she is so enjoying it that she recently tried to tell him how she feels by kissing him.

In this new video, Chloe and Mack discuss the time when they first fell in love, but it’s obvious that she feels a little upset when Mackenzie tells her it didn’t mean anything.

The steadiness Mackenzie has offered has been appreciated by Chloe (ITV image).

They agree that it only happened because their feelings for Reuben were running high, but as Mack leaves, they fail to see Amy (Natalie Ann Jameson), who overhears one particular phrase in the background.


How will Amy respond to this, though?

What would this entail for Charity if Chloe and Mackenzie decide to start dating if we get the impression that she won’t be influenced by whatever Charity says?

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