Soap & Spoilers EastEnders After being targeted by trolls as an EastEnders writer, Max Bowden responds forcefully.

After being targeted by trolls as an EastEnders writer, Max Bowden responds forcefully.

Max stood up for the author. Little, Daran (Image: BBC)

On June 1, EastEnders actor Max Bowden spoke on Twitter about fans who make fun of cast and staff personnel when their favourite on-screen characters’ plotlines do not go as planned or they are not on screen as much as they would want.

Daran Little, a well-liked writer for the programme, was supported by the actor who portrays Ben Mitchell in the BBC One soap opera.

Fans had begun sending Daran notes, especially those who were devoted to Ben and Callum Highway (Tony Clay), often known as Ballum.

In recent episodes, Ben was in America looking for a solution to treat Lola (Danielle Harold), who had a brain tumour, while Callum maintained his profession as a police officer.

Ben missed Lola’s dying moments because of his determination to buy her more time, and he was devastated when he learnt she had passed away when he arrived in Thursday’s (June 1) episode.

A soap opera’s structure, whether it be EastEnders or Coronation Street, has always placed some characters in the limelight for a while before switching things over. Those who had a substantial plot would stand aside, giving their co-stars the chance to develop a compelling story.

Ben believed he might buy Lola more time while in America this week (Image: BBC).

Some fans don’t seem to be able to tolerate this, and they recently resorted to Twitter to voice their opinions, criticising Daran, a writer, for never having any control over whether a character gets a large tale or how long it airs.

Daran posted the following on Twitter in reference to the episode of Wednesday, May 31, in which Lola passed away: “Maybe it’s because I’m still in a state of emotional breakdown after last night’s EastEnders, but I’m really tired of being accused of hating gay characters on the show.”

‘I’ve developed and supported countless LGBT characters over my 35-year soap opera career. Just step back, please.

Fans of EastEnders and celebrities in the field sent Daran many encouraging comments, including Max, who said:

credited for creating Ballum in chemistry with his great “I smell queer” sequence. a fantastic writer.

The actor said, “Also, stop abusing actors and writers and posting negative comments about them. Storytelling is what we do best! To give you 2 hours of material each week, we work really hard. Stop letting the folks that worked their asses off to make it known what you think about a character or the way an episode is written.

The tweet Max is referencing has a statement from a 2019 episode.

Callum accosted Ben at Kathy’s (Gillian Taylforth) as he was getting ready to wed Whitney (Shona McGarty), wanting money for the shady products he was trading.

Ben then realised that Callum is gay after they had a brief moment.

Following that, Callum gradually came to grips with his sexuality as the story’s storyline progressed. After Lola’s passing, he is now married to Ben, and they will face a challenging path as they adjust to life with Jay (Jamie Borthwick) and young Lexi (Isabella Brown).

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