Emmerdale.spoilers for Friday June 2 2023: Nicky Miligan makes huge decision after surprise return at his stag do

At his stag party, Nicky is faced with a decision (ITV image)

According to Emmerdale spoilers for tonight (Friday, June 2), Nicky Miligan (Lewis Cope) will struggle to enjoy his stag party as his wedding approaches.

As viewers are aware, the nanny is about to marry Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) as part of secret dad Caleb’s (William Ash) complex plan to ruin Kim Tate (Claire King) and amass her riches.

In a shocking turn of events, we learned that Caleb is actually the hidden child of Frank Tate, who perished at Kim’s hands in the 1990s. The newcomer is out for vengeance and wants to take away everything Kim values.

Nicky pursued Gabby since she has a stake in the companies, especially HOP. He utilised his charm and attractiveness to win her heart, and the two are now engaged.

Nicky, who is gay and much in love with Ally (Josh Horrocks), whom Caleb had him break up with, has been having second thoughts about going through with the ceremony.

It’s easy to assume that Nicky is feeling the strain as his stag do begins as he has a drink with Will and Caleb (Image: ITV).

Gabby has been working nonstop all week to get her wedding arrangements in order, and in Friday’s episode of the ITV soap opera, the stag and hen dos are held.

Nicky doesn’t feel like partying, but he keeps up the act to appease his father, who has threatened to “destroy” him if he doesn’t see this through to the finish.

Ally approaches Nicky, who is shocked to see him (Picture: ITV)

Pictures show the nanny straining to enjoy the big occasion while sipping a drink with Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) and Caleb in the Woolpack beer garden. However, he is in for a surprise when his ex-lover Ally comes up.

What is Ally seeking? He begs Nicky to meet with him the next day in a very demanding request. Does Nicky concur? Can Ally convince him not to wed Gabby?

Unavoidably, Nicky will have to make a decision, but will Caleb support it? Or will he finally ‘destroy’ his kid as he threatened to do?

These scenes will be seen in Emmerdale on Friday, June 2 at 7:30 p.m. on ITV1 and ITVX.

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