Shiv Jalota of EastEnders describes a “unreal week” for the Panesars with shocking events.

The Panesars are having a “unreal week” (Images: BBC).

The Panesar family is in for a big week on EastEnders as Suki (Balvinder Panesar) works with her covert girlfriend Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) to bring down villainous Nish (Navin Chowdhry).

Eve is forced to hide in the under-stairs closet when Nish arrives home early after a business conference, where she overhears him setting up a shady transaction.

Eve takes the data she’s obtained and gives it to Suki, informing her that this is what they need to take Nish down. Eve is determined to get Nish out of their life so that they may live together happily and in peace.

When Nish unexpectedly gets home and claims his son Vinny (Shiv Jalota) was the one to denounce him, things take a dramatic turn. Nish had already been reported to the police, and Sukeve was getting ready to go.

According to actor Shiv Jalota, who expressed how eager he was to get engaged in the scenes, the next week is going to be full with high stakes drama for all the players involved.

“These are unreal!” I recall writing to producer Chris Clenshaw in an email. There was simply so much drama in this narrative that I suppose I was a little high.

It was quite exciting to experiment with the writing. Regarding the storyline, I was a little anxious, but I was also quite eager to get started and dissect the texts.

Vinny receives a reprimand from Nish at the start of the week for botching a transaction that left him feeling “absolutely rock bottom.”

To defeat Nish, Eve and Suki come up with a strategy (Photo credit: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Shiv said, “He desperately wants to show his dad that he is responsible and capable of managing the business.”

Even if he may not be the brightest, he will work hard and try his best to get his father’s approval. But when his father shuns him, he feels crushed and denigrated.

Shiv stated that Nish only recently entered Vinny’s life after serving a 20-year murder sentence, and Vinny is keen to make a good impression on him.

Vinny is always seeking his father’s approval because he truly wants to show himself and win his father’s affection. Kheerat is in jail and Jags is deceased, so he doesn’t really have many male role models in his life.

We observe him striving to fulfil what he believes his father expects of him and his willingness to give up everything to do so.

Vinny may have felt some admiration for Nish because Nish spent a significant amount of time behind bars and wasn’t really present in Vinny’s life.

But as he learns more about Nish, he begins to doubt his father’s authority because he realises that his father may not be as wonderful as he had imagined.

Vinny is saddened by his father’s treatment of him, but mom Suki gives him some more encouraging words as she says a covert farewell while making arrangements to go with Eve.

Her key message to Vinny is that he should stop striving to be the person that Nish wants him to be and realise that he is enough the way he is. She simply wants him to be his own man because he is different from his siblings and other family members.

They are having a really lovely moment together. He believes that his love for his mother, which he knows will always be reciprocated, is now being returned. You can see that she truly has his back in this situation and that he will always have a feeling of belonging to her.

Things take a dramatic turn towards the conclusion of the week when a ‘event’ takes place within the Panesar house.

There has been an incident in the home, and Vinny must decide what to do because he doesn’t know the full story. Is his father really as funny as he seems? Is his mother in danger? Perhaps Vinny’s delusion that they are a happy family is untrue.

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