Soap & Spoilers Coronation Street Spoilers for Coronation Street: Max, who despises himself, is afraid to return home after his bad acts

Spoilers for Coronation Street: Max, who despises himself, is afraid to return home after his bad acts

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David, can you help? (Image from ITV)

After spending time in the STC for his membership in an extremist group, you might think Max Turner (Paddy Bever) would be looking forward to returning to Coronation Street, but in subsequent episodes, it becomes clear he is afraid of seeing everyone again.

Max had racist ideas and was in charge of spreading far-right material online as a result of Griff’s manipulation and grooming (Michael Condron).

A youngster who ended up stabbing Alya (Sair Khan) because of Max’s social media films subsequently admitted to the police that he only committed the crime because he had seen what Max had made. The group also hid a bomb in the Speed Daal van.

Max has been a member of the STC for several months, and recently it became clear that he was really struggling. Max made the decision to communicate with Daniel (Rob Mallard) and David (Jack P Shepherd) via phone videos, giving him time alone to explain what’s happening in his head without having to worry about others’ opinions.

When Lily (Brooke Malonie) informs Yasmeen (Shelley King) that Max’s release date is approaching, she is frightened and points out that Alya almost died as a result of him.

When Max learns he will be freed early from the STC, he decides to stay behind and slams his bed over the cell door.

Max has experienced difficulty at the STC (ITV).

When David comes, he speaks to Max through the door and expresses his desire to assist.

Max breaks down in tears and says he must go because of the awful things he committed.

Max will return to the cobbles, as Sair Khan described how Alya feels when she sees him for the first time: “His sentence is nothing like she thought it would be,” she said.

She did add that she only visited him in jail for her own recovery, not his. She believes that nothing will change when he gets out because he will still be living next door, and she is still coming to grips with everything. She might not be over all that happened, in my opinion.

When asked about what this storyline has done to his character, Paddy Bever said, “Max faced small or no consequences for all of the things he did wrong before, of which there were many, for example, smashing up Daniel’s flat, doping Amy Barlow, countless other things like stealing, breaking into the barbers.

“This feels like the culmination of it all; he’s served time in prison; he’s taken serious consequences; and that’s what’s going to change him,” the speaker said. We’ve heard warnings such, “If you go on, bad things will happen,” and they have. Because of it, I believe he will pay attention and disregard warnings less.

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