Ally shows up to save Nicky on his wedding day to Gabby in the Emmerdale spoiler clip.

Ally (Josh Horrocks), Nicky Milligan’s (Lewis Cope) ex-boyfriend (or boyfriend; we’re not really sure where he stands at the moment), will soon return to the Emmerdale hamlet to try one last time to prevent his sweetheart from being hitched to Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham).

The last thing Nicky wants to do is marry Gabby, but his father Caleb (William Ash), who is working to bring down Kim (Claire King) and Home Farm when it was discovered the father and son are related to Frank Tate, has forced him to do it.

Caleb has continued with the plan despite Nicky coming out to his father, reminding him that if they are to succeed, he must abandon Ally and wed Gabby.

Ally became suspicious and Nicky ended things with her as a result. In this latest video, his dad is still sure that he can alter Nicky’s mind.

Nicky is startled when Ally enters Home Farm while Gabby’s friends and family are enjoying the food and wine there.

Ally offers Nicky a taste of the life he so dearly desires by telling him they could walk out the front door and just keep going, leaving this challenging and convoluted existence behind. He takes him into the kitchen and says he must leave.

Ally is frantic to get Nicky to understand. (Images from ITV)

Sadly, Nicky remains unmoved, and as Ally leaves, Gabby descends the stairs in her wedding dress, utterly unaware of what is about to happen.

Kim risks losing her house as Caleb’s plot comes to fruition and he acquires access to her accounts. According to Claire King, the fan response to this decision is likely to be split, with some supporting her character—who is sometimes viewed as the villain but is actually the victim in this case—and others believing that she is receiving justice.

Nicky finds herself trapped in the midst as Caleb becomes desperate (ITV image)

She chuckled and said, “I think [some] would probably like to see Kim Tate fall.” Others support Kim and argue that “They can’t do that! That home is where she belongs.

Claire warned us that Kim would be playing a long game and would undoubtedly seek retribution if Caleb’s plan is successful and she loses everything.

She won’t be a cheerful bunny, is she? “Best served cold” may be relevant, in my opinion. She’ll wait it out, in my opinion.

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