Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale Emmerdale spoilers: Charles Anderson’s dark side explodes as his temper stuns his family

Emmerdale spoilers: Charles Anderson’s dark side explodes as his temper stuns his family

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What is happening then? (Images from ITV)

Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) of Emmerdale has a side to him that is very different from the gentle, wise vicar we see most of the time, as we’ve seen in a previous episode. Charles exhibits a different side when his family is in danger.

Charles was concerned when criminal Alex (Liam Boyle) started dating Naomi (Karene Peter), his daughter. He visited Alex when he was in the hospital recovering from a vehicle accident to give him a firm warning to keep away from his family after learning that Alex’s actual goal was to steal medications from the operation. It was evident that Charles had a violent and aggressive side that he often keeps well veiled.

“I believe that the Charles character occasionally would prioritise his family over his career and faith, even though he always puts his parishioners first. He also loves God and his work in the community. At the time, Kevin Mathurin assured us that he would go to whatever lengths to defend them.

Kevin just gave us a clue that his character might be playing a bigger role in the future. You can tell he always sort of swallows where he should have reacted, so sometimes he may be a bit of a walkover. He prioritised his duties as a vicar. It was high time he responded; he had to. It was beneficial to demonstrate that he had that side. He said, “When he’s had enough, he’s had enough.”

When discussing his backstory and who might appear in the show about this time last year, [executive producer Jane Hudson] kept repeating, “I really want to bring out a darker aspect to the character. I genuinely want the audience to see the darkest aspect of it.

Claudette has raised a lot of controversy. (Image from ITV)

In scenes that will appear shortly, viewers will have another peek of that darker side. Charles receives a strange phone call that causes him much distress. He is seen walking towards the jail. He encounters Victor, a man outside. There is no doubt that Charles and Victor have a past, and Charles adamantly demands that Victor keep away from his family.

When Charles returns to the hamlet, it is obvious that his encounter with Victor has disturbed him. He is impatient and abrupt with his family during breakfast, leading his mother Claudette (Flo Wilson) to believe he wants her to go.

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