Joe Swash’s sister and EastEnders star Shana Swash announces pregnancy

fantastic news (Images via Instagram user Shana Swash)

Former EastEnders actress Shana Swash, who is Joe Swash’s sister, has revealed she is expecting her first child.

The actress portrayed Demi Miller in the BBC One soap opera, a character who gave birth at the age of 13 in a contentious plot line in the early 2000s.

As a member of the Miller family for two years on Albert Square, Shana was written off the show in 2006 when Demi moved away to live in the Cotswolds with her mother.

However, Shana has now changed her course and launched her own company, operating a pop-up coffee shop in North London.

Outside of the workplace, Shana recently announced that she was expecting a child.

Shana posted a photo of herself and Nick Jones along with a number of scan images, writing: “PENDING….BABY JONES 5th DECEMBER 2023.”

Since leaving EastEnders, Shana has been in a number of short films, including Top Boy and Doctors. She is currently engaged to her fiance Nick, and she frequently shares updates of her life on social media, including what she gets up to when she’s not in the spotlight.

While Shana’s upcoming indie film, Love Without Walls, is scheduled to release later this year, she also has ambitions to keep growing her coffee shop company.

She told The Sun, “Lockdown gave me the push to get out of my comfort zone and start my own business. I really fell in love with coffee.”

In 2006, the actress departed Walford (Image: BBC).

I have truly enjoyed every second of it. In a park close to where I grew up, there is just me running it full-time on a daily basis. I am also your neighbourhood barista.

“I’ve met a lot of people thanks to it, including the really devoted EastEnders fans, and I’ve made friends with them too.”

She said, “I’ve only been open for a year and a half, but I want to expand.”

“I’d love for us to have a name that people know, so keep an eye on this.” Hopefully, we’ll take over soon. Who is Starbucks?”

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