Coronation Street spoilers. Max romances new best friend Gav’s girlfriend?

Together, Max and Bec eat a meal (ITV image).

Max Turner (Paddy Bever), a character on Coronation Street, made friends with Gav (Noah Olaoye) while they were both students at the STC.

We asked Noah about his character, and he described him as “not a bully, not someone who throws his weight around, but he does have a screw loose so there is that side to him where people are afraid of him, but not because he will push people around the classroom, but because he is going to do something slightly unhinged if you get on his wrong side.”

Max and Gav just began discussing their previous relationships. Gav disclosed his relationship with his girlfriend, and Max introduced his new acquaintance to Lauren (Cait Fitton), but none of them disclosed that Lauren was a member of a far-right extremist organisation when they first met.

Could Max offend Gav if he develops feelings for his girlfriend as he heads home after spending time in the STC due to his membership in Griff’s (Michael Condron) gang?

Max feels ashamed to be back on the cobblestones when a police officer stops by to give him an electronic tab.

Max delivers a delivery man a letter for Alya (Sair Khan) in an effort to try to make peace with her, but it just makes Alya more enraged.

Max locates Gav’s fiancée Bec in the precinct flats as the week comes to a conclusion.

After bringing her to the cafe, Max watches Bec finish her meal, enter her phone number, and leave him to pay before departing.

In the STC, Gav and Max have been close friends (ITV image).

However, given what Bec has been up to, how will Gav respond?

I believe Gav will eventually bring, hopefully, some responsibility. Max will have the freedom to accept responsibility for his actions, grow from his mistakes, and change thanks to him, though. Paddy disclosed.

Max has a genuine desire to change his life. He is just 16 years old and still has a whole life ahead of him. He only has to take the time to reflect on his past errors. Max will also have a tonne of fun and happiness because to Gav.

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