spoiler for Emmerdale. Charity finds Mack and Chloe together and is shocked.

Currently, Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) on Emmerdale is experiencing nothing but bad luck.

She has to deal with sadness every time she sees Mack (Lawrence Robb) with Chloe (Jessie Elland) and their infant Reuben in addition to attempting to get over the fact that he has been telling her a lot of falsehoods over the previous several months.

This week, a shift in Mack and Chloe’s interpersonal dynamic became apparent. Chloe attempted to kiss Mackenzie after they visited the hospital and learned that Reuben’s condition had improved.

At first, Mack dismissed it and chalked it up to heightened emotions, but when Chloe revealed that she genuinely liked him and thought that after everything with Charity is worked out, they can be a true family, he was compelled to face the issue.

In this latest video, Mack and Chloe’s family is doing well, but all it does is serve as a reminder to Charity of how much has changed.

Things rapidly become unpleasant (Images: ITV)

She walks into Chloe’s home—without knocking, mind you—and considers if she’ll be able to make it to Sarah’s (Katie Hill) birthday celebration.

Chloe eventually agrees to Charity’s request when they both see they don’t genuinely disagree with one another.

Chloe desires a relationship with Mack (ITV image).

However, as Mack descends holding Reuben and cracking a joke about how he tried to latch onto him for milk instead of Chloe, things get really uncomfortable.

Will Charity act appropriately at Sarah’s party? Her expression says it all.

Or will everything fall apart if she witnesses Chloe and Mack making out?

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