Emmerdale spoilers. End of an era confirmed for Moira

The world is evolving. (Image from ITV)

A weeping Moira (Natalie J. Robb) and her Emmerdale husband Cain (Jeff Hordley) made the difficult decision to sell the farm. Moira was fatigued, dejected, and broke financially. Her farming tradition is now history, all because of Caleb (Will Ash).

Due to Caleb’s interference with the machinery, the hamburgers were tainted with metal. As a result of her final client terminating the contract, Moira’s reputation was completely shattered. This was a disastrous decision for her already failing company.

As a result, the Butler family’s destiny was sealed, forcing Moira to go to Kim and request that she buy the property. She explained to Cain that it was a gift in disguise since she wouldn’t want Kyle and Isaac, who haven’t seen her in weeks because she’s been working so hard, to experience the strain of farm life. In actuality, though, she is sacrificing a small portion of her soul.

While Caleb is sighing with relief that his plan to bring down Kim Tate (Claire King) is once again on course. Now that Kim has given Moira the paperwork, the farmer must finish off the details.

Dejectedly telling Cain that they have sold their livestock and that their agricultural days are ended, Moira breaks the bad news to him. But Caleb may also play a role in the couple’s future plans.

Caleb has ruined Moira’s farm (Image: ITV).

Will Ash, who plays Caleb, revealed a tiny secret to that suggests Caleb isn’t entirely wicked and that Moira and Cain might not be lost for good.

‘Caleb’s plan is that after he cleans out Kim, he will pay them back and he’ll settle it out financially,’ he added. That is his grand strategy.

He does really have a decent side, then. Could Moira and Cain be relocating to Home Farm?

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