Spoilers for Coronation Street: Daniel confronts Daisy about her friendship with Ryan

Will Daniel find the correct solutions? (Images from ITV)

In the current episode of Coronation Street, Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) and Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) are dealing with a challenging scenario.

Ryan has found solace in messaging Crystal, the Ibiza club representative he met only days before Justin (Andrew Still) wrecked his life forever, in the wake of the acid attack.

The issue? Ryan is actually messaging Daisy; he isn’t texting Crystal.

Charlotte Jordan recently informed us, “The motivation behind her adopting this Crystal fa├žade is sincere; she doesn’t want to cause Ryan any more pain.”

Daisy refuses to inform Ryan when Crystal says she doesn’t want anything to do with him and insists that she be the one to break the news to him since she is aware of his already fragile mental state and doesn’t want to be the one to deliver more terrible news.

Daisy’s proposal is completely absurd and the wrong thing to do, but it does have a nice intention.

Daisy has unintentionally rekindled her affections for Ryan as a result of this.

This was seen last week when Ryan and Daisy shared a kiss after Justin continued to tell lies throughout the trial.

Is Daniel’s heart going to be torn apart? (Image from ITV)

Daniel (Rob Mallard), who notices an uneasy glance between Daisy and Ryan as a new week begins, subsequently chooses to question his wife about it.

Daisy claims to Daniel that her feelings are simply remorse at letting Ryan believe that he and Crystal are dating, but did she really make a mistake by withholding information from him?

Where will things go if the falsehoods and conflicting emotions continue?

Ryan Prescott stated, “After his traumatic experience, Ryan’s natural instinct has been to reach out and grab the relationships around him in an effort to try and ground himself.”

Daniel is clueless. (Image: ITV

He attempted to do the same with Crystal, but she isn’t responding, so he just feels so alone. He did it with Alya and experienced the heartache of that.

The truth is that he respects Daniel and believes that he is a fine man, so he just wouldn’t want to become involved in that in the wrong way. He has a thing for Daisy, but his confidence is so low.

He just wants someone to care about him; he doesn’t want to be anyone’s adversary.

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