Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale Michelle Hardwick from Emmerdale is being harassed by a nasty bogus account as she warns her followers.

Michelle Hardwick from Emmerdale is being harassed by a nasty bogus account as she warns her followers.

Some people, as Michelle Hardwick correctly points out, have an excessive amount of free time (Image: WireImage).

Strangely, it’s not uncommon for phoney identities to be made copying soap opera stars, and Michelle Hardwick from Emmerdale is the most recent victim.

A member on Instagram who obviously has too much free time on their hands is posing as the actress, well known for her role as vet Vanessa Woodfield.

Michelle has advised admirers not to connect with the strange account, which has been set to private and utilises her images.

She remarked, “Just received this. NOT I, it’s you. She pleaded with followers not to contact with this account believing it was her.

“I’ve filed a report.” Some folks, aren’t they terribly bored?!?

She is accurate!

By flagging the account, her supporters are helping her have it deleted as quickly as possible.

Since Michelle has received homophobic murder threats in the past, her home’s security has been increased.

The 47-year-old is a key character in several plotlines centred on Vanessa’s sexuality, including her enormously famous affair with Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins). She is also married to Emmerdale producer Kate Brooks.

‘There have been instances when police have had to be called because there have been death threats,’ the speaker told OK! Magazine at the time.

And when they mention the name of your son and you just say, “Really? We’re not harming anyone, I’m just in a soap, you know. The main cause of everything is always because I’m homosexual and a female gay guy.

“Lesbians shouldn’t be on this Earth; they should burn in hell and perish,” it said.

After Charity cheated on Vanessa with Mack, Vanessa and Charity broke up. who has since betrayed her. Messy! (Image from ITV)

Michelle thanked the business for their assistance on her Instagram stories while revealing that she has enhanced the security around her house.

Teddy, Michelle’s son, and Betty, their brand-new daughter, are both her children with Kate.

She is now on maternity leave and not at Emmerdale, but she has promised to return, according to the British Soap Awards.

“I’ll definitely return!” she revealed. ‘I don’t have a certain date, but I know I’ll return at some time in the future.

And what about Vanity’s prospective reunion?

Never say never, Michelle emphasised.

Vanessa and Suzy were dating when I left, but they ended their relationship amicably, so who knows? I can’t wait to find out what will transpire!

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