Soap & Spoilers Coronation Street Rob Mallard of Coronation Street explains that Daniel and Daisy’s story is coming to a close.

Rob Mallard of Coronation Street explains that Daniel and Daisy’s story is coming to a close.

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What will the pair do next? (Image from ITV)

For Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) and Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) on Coronation Street, things were going well a few months ago. The pair was engaged to be married and was much in love.

However, Daisy was being terrorised by stalker Justin Rutherford (Andrew Still), casting a cloud on the joy of the wedding preparations. When his mother was unwell in the hospital, Daisy struck up a casual conversation with him, which led to her becoming the focus of his fixation.

This resulted in a brutal acid assault on the wedding day that was intended for Daisy but ended up hitting Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott).

Since then, Daisy has been doing all in her power to aid Ryan in healing from his severe wounds, including texting Ryan pretending to be his ex-girlfriend Crystal. Ryan and Daisy have been getting along better as a result of this.

As they deal with Justin’s trial and wait for a guilty decision, the phantom of Justin is still looming over everything. Rob Mallard said that all of this has placed a lot of strain on Daniel and Daisy’s marriage.

Daisy and Daniel are hoping for a guilty finding since it would be satisfying and successful. They would be able to put a difficult chapter in their life behind them as a result, he added.

But as the trial comes to a close, Ryan, Daisy, and Daniel’s relationship begins to develop. Daniel needs to take into account how serious what transpired between Daisy and Ryan was. Daniel now finds himself in the uncomfortable position of both wanting Ryan to go and comprehending why Daisy and Ryan keep seeing each other. We’ll see Daniel start to compare different qualities of himself to Ryan, and there could be some masculine ego-bumping.

Does Daniel need to worry? (Image from ITV)

Rob informed us that his formerly “volatile” personality has evolved recently, but when the competition with Ryan heats up, that side of his personality could reappear.

Daniel used to be a lot more volatile, but he has changed a lot as a person in the last five years. He has gone through many developing events, such as reuniting with his family after years of being alone and living alone, which has increased his level of confidence in others. He has been married, fathered a child, experienced the death of his wife, and now must maintain composure for his son. I believe that all of these experiences have softened the character’s edges, but a plot centred on envy would undoubtedly bring those components of his personality back.

Daisy and Ryan have been getting closer (ITV image)

While spectators are aware of the developing relationship between Ryan’s fiancée and Daniel, Daniel is still unaware of it. Rob claimed that he enjoys playing the role in this particular way.

He explained, “I just finished a scene where Daniel buys Daisy flowers and chocolates completely at random.” I can therefore portray that aspect of Daniel while the audience is aware that he is being tricked because I want them to think, “Oh no, he’s showering her with affection and he has no idea that she is playing away!” I sincerely hope that a small number of people are on Daniel’s side!

For several weeks, Daisy has been texting Ryan (ITV).

Rob believed that Daisy and Daniel should be the couple that would endure when asked if he thought Daisy will end up with Daniel or Ryan.

Ryan is a DJ, and while he may appear to be a better match on paper because he enjoys social media and entertainment, he explained, “I think Daisy and Daniel really complement each other.”

‘Daisy has made Daniel a lot more self-assured and sociable, and Daniel has helped Daisy care less about surface-level things since she now has a connection to Bertie and she knows the value of being a carer and deeper things than receiving likes on social media,’ says Daniel.

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