Todd Boyce, a star of Coronation Street, teases the conclusion of the murderer Stephen’s tale following a misunderstanding.

Is there still time? (Image from ITV)

In Coronation Street, Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) is a guy on edge, and it appears that the serial murderer won’t have much longer before things start to fall apart.

The choice of Carla (Alison King) to sell her Underworld stock is one of the factors that led to this.

Carla takes this choice because she wants to put her mental health first, which she only feels is in jeopardy as a result of Stephen spending months giving her LSD.

When Stephen learns that Owen (Ben Hull), Carla’s buddy, would share ownership, he is informed that once he fully assumes control, Owen will leave.

Stephen, whose brand-new life is on the line, tries furiously to persuade Elaine (Paula Wilcox) to buy Carla’s stock, but when she declines, the killer turns to a different strategy in an effort to increase his wealth.

Todd Boyce said, “He gives Elaine the caffeine pills and then he acts as the concerned partner, even though he knows that he is the one who has made her feel so ill and dizzy.”

He is a fantastic fit for the role. At that time, he is not aiming to murder her. He’s attempting to make her unstable. He offers to leave her in the flat and to grab her some food, but when he returns, she has collapsed.

After Stephen gave Elaine drugs, she collapsed (ITV picture).

He is truly surprised, and there is a brief period when it appears as though she will be revived, Todd continued. However, as the wheels started to revolve, he thought, “Let’s see how this plays out—this might be the ideal resolution!” He departs, crossing his fingers that she will pass away before being found.

However, might this spell Stephen’s demise if Elaine survives this autumn?

As he becomes increasingly desperate, Todd said, “We are going to see him start taking risks; his life is starting to unravel, and it will be interesting to see how he deals with the pressure.”

He will inevitably start making blunders, which might be his downfall. Elaine isn’t going to invest in the plant, which is the first step he tries to get her to do, and the walls are closing in on him.

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