Soap & Spoilers EastEnders Vicki Michelle of EastEnders admits to worrying about offending Gillian Taylforth by being ‘nasty’

Vicki Michelle of EastEnders admits to worrying about offending Gillian Taylforth by being ‘nasty’

Jo and Kathy are going to exchange some “vile” words with one another (Images: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

When Vicki Michelle first appeared on EastEnders in March as the feisty Jo Cotton, she immediately started to cause trouble for Rocky Cotton and Kathy Beale (played by Brian Conley and Gillian Taylforth).

She’ll be back on our screens soon, nastier than ever, ready to sabotage Rocky’s newly discovered bliss.

Kathy was terrified when she initially heard that Rocky was still married and instantly kicked him out.

But then Jo came over, and she turned out to be just as much of a disaster as Rocky had predicted – I mean, how could any regular person trash Kathy Beale? Kathy made the choice to return him.

They agreed there would be no more secrets between them, and they have since coexisted peacefully.

Jo should appear again to scatter the cat among the birds.

According to actress Vicki Michelle, who expressed her concerns about being ‘vile’ to the legendary Gillian Taylforth, there are likely to be some genuinely “wicked one liners” now that Jo is back on the Square.

Fortunately for Vicki, the two get along, making it easy to distinguish between reality and the script.

I’ve known you, Gilly, forever. We were friends previously and see each other frequently because we donate to several of the same organisations. That’s great since it enables us to complement one another’s efforts.

I apologise to Gilly because I have to be extremely terrible to her now before delivering one of Jo’s brilliantly cruel one-liners, and she responds, “Don’t worry, so do I.”

Vicki acknowledges that working alongside both Gillian and Brian is “just brilliant” since the three of them have a “real sense of comradery.”

They are both excellent in their parts, and we schedule plenty of laughs.

Sadly, their on-screen personalities won’t get along so well because Jo takes a lot of drama with her to the Square.

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