Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale Chloe is happy after having sex with Mack, but there will be agony later, according to Emmerdale spoilers

Chloe is happy after having sex with Mack, but there will be agony later, according to Emmerdale spoilers

Is there a chance of further heartache? (Image from ITV)

Emmerdale puts Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) through another emotional test as he attempts to move on with Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) but still harbours strong love for Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins).

After his paternity as Reuben’s father was made public, Mack and Charity broke up.

As the parents began to connect and cooperate while raising their kid, this caused him and Chloe to experience conflicting emotions.

Chloe chose to attempt to kiss Mackenzie in order to express her feelings to him. She subsequently said that she believes their family would be complete once the mystery around Charity is resolved.

When Charity requested a divorce, Mackenzie received clear indication that their relationship was ended.

In forthcoming episodes, Mack will declare that he is over Charity as he makes an effort to move on.

Mack and Chloe hurry upstairs as their feelings for one another after spending the day together start to bubble up.

The following day, Chloe tries to hide her excitement as Mack seems eager to accept their predicament.

Who will he decide on? (Image from ITV)

But when Mack subsequently says he’d prefer not to inform Charity about their new connection, Chloe becomes irritated.
Mackenzie isn’t aware that Charity and Caleb (William Ash) had been sleeping together after a wild night.

Shortly after Charity confesses her truth in the bar, an envious Mackenzie confronts and challenges Caleb.

Chloe, hurt by Mack’s response, gives him a choice: Charity or her.

But who will he decide upon?

And given that Mackenzie is a suspect in Caleb’s attack and that this plot revolves on him, may his happiness with Chloe be short-lived if he is at fault?

According to Lawrence Robb, “It’s a soap, so all characters eventually get what’s coming to them.”

Caleb will undoubtedly experience negative outcomes because to Mackenzie. I’m not saying if Mack will have a role in it when things ultimately go bad for Caleb, but I’m sure he’ll be able to attest to the reasons behind it.

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