Soap & Spoilers EastEnders Fearing his death in the EastEnders Christmas murder, Brian Conley

Fearing his death in the EastEnders Christmas murder, Brian Conley

Rocky is undoubtedly skilled at creating mayhem. (Image: BBC)

Acting icon and EastEnders star Brian Conley recently discussed the possibility of Rocky’s death this Christmas.

In a flash-forward scene that aired back in February, it was revealed that someone would be found dead at the Queen Vic over the Christmas holiday and that Suki, Denise (Diane Parish), Stacey (Lacey Turner), Kathy (Gillian Taylforth), and Linda (Kellie Bright) would all be there.

We still have a while to wait until the victim is revealed, and even the cast is on the edge of their seats waiting to find out! Episodes are continuing to drop hints all over the place, including Sharon buying the wedding dress and extra trailers focusing on just one member of The Six being released on social media.

In an interview with Steph McGovern on Thursday’s (June 8) broadcast of Steph’s Packed Lunch on Channel 4, Brian Conley hinted at his holiday plans and said that the BBC One serial presently has numerous possible outcomes for the Christmas Day episode.

According to him, “In February we had a lovely episode where it flashed forward to Christmas and someone is dead in The Vic and Letitia is there in a wedding dress and she’s covered in blood.”

The episode seemed to confirm that a guy will pass away (Image: BBC).

Everyone, including the players in the show, is exclaiming, “Oh my God, who’s dead?” but all you saw was that it’s a man, or is it? I’m not sure. You just saw the cufflinks, which I believe have been on everyone’s radar for some time.

No one of us has a clue, he said. I think there could be ten of us there right before Christmas, which would be a huge surprise for us as well. Maybe we’ll all record a scene where we’re all sprawled out on the floor, and then, on Christmas Day, they can finally announce who it is.

Since his arrival, Rocky has been embroiled in more than his fair share of drama and frequently finds himself in Kathy’s crosshairs, even if most of the time he doesn’t intend to.

Brian said, wondering if Rocky would live to see 2024, “You’re in an ongoing drama so you know people do pass away and you do live on tenterhooks!”.

They’re a great lot, everyone there, especially if you’re enjoying it, as we all are.

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