Lisa Riley from Emmerdale makes a significant Mandy Dingle and Paddy Kirk hint.

Emmerdale legend We couldn’t be happier that Lisa Riley has essentially announced a reunion for Mandy Dingle and Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt).

Mandy just made it plain that she wants more from Paddy, and everyone agrees that the couple is a perfect match.

Nevertheless, it appeared to be the end for them as Mandy was “left sad” and Lisa apologised to the audience for “making them all cry.”

Since you gave a strong signal that everything is not lost, we guess we may forgive you.

Wait till the episode tomorrow! Tweeted the actress. “Let’s hope you all get the result you want,” someone said.

Now, if this were truly disappointing, it would be a bit of nasty trolling, and the consistently upbeat Lisa is not a troll.

Lisa, we also like a good tease! (Image from ITV)
Paddy and Mandy still have a shot (Image: ITV)

Therefore, we are interpreting this into the possibility of a joyful conclusion tonight.

Who is keeping track of the passing time? Everyone, to be precise.
Before, Lisa supported the idea of a reunion, stating that “the nation wants it.”

“It’s what they want; it’s all over social media.” What we did notice was that everyone was glued to Paddy and Mandy at lunchtime when the epidemic broke out.

They weren’t even born in that generation. Teenagers from a whole generation are watching the nostalgia programme, and they really enjoyed the connection that the writers created all those many, many years ago.

Who knows what will transpire in the future, she continued. All I can say is that working together makes Dom and I miss being kids, and I hope that comes over.

The producers claim it. But should we immediately offer the audience what they want? Ross and Rachel were adored by everybody, didn’t they?

Come on, Mandy and Paddy are better than them! Tonight, Emmerdale will undoubtedly be the focus of our attention.

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