Todd Boyce of Coronation Street warns of a second Stephen murder as he destroys Jenny.

Will the past be repeated? (Images from ITV)

Owen (Ben Hull), a business associate of Carla Connor (Alison King), is on the verge of turning into Stephen Reid’s (Todd Boyce) new foe in Coronation Street since he’s not only planning to purchase Carla’s factory stock but is also getting close to Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews), with whom Stephen has affections.

It’s difficult to imagine that a serial murderer could have real emotion, but it turns out that Stephen has feelings for Jenny. Given that Owen is about to get in the way of Stephen’s feelings for Jenny, we can virtually foresee what will happen in the next weeks.

According to Todd Boyce, “Stephen even tells her that he would rather be with her than Elaine because they would be so much better together!”

But she made it obvious to him that they would have no chance while he was with Elaine. Now that he understands that he probably shouldn’t have said it to her, he believes he must wait. But he doesn’t need Owen moving in with Jenny since they could end up dating for a long time and he just views Elaine as a temporary relationship before he dates Jenny.

He is dating Elaine in order to make money and benefit from the relationship. He has been crazy for Jenny from the first time they kissed, and she is the objective in his eyes.

Owen is planning to purchase Carla’s factory stock (ITV image).

Todd continues by saying that after Stephen murdered Leo (Joe Frost), his behaviour has continuously altered with the single, if not somewhat obsessive, objective of becoming Jenny’s new partner.

It’s all connected to Jenny, and it’s terrible that he killed her fiance before moving in and taking her as his love interest, the man claimed.

And since Teddy was beginning to speak to Jenny about Leo’s abduction, he wanted Teddy out of the way—either in Canada or eventually dead.

Stephen’s new adversary is set to emerge as Owen (ITV picture).

A pattern is now starting to emerge in relation to Stephen and his murders.

Someone who gets too close to the truth dies soon after. Given that Elaine is also in danger the following week, would it be simpler for the character to commit his fourth or even fifth murder now that Owen threatens to thwart Stephen’s long-term plan for Jenny and take over the factory completely?

Todd said, “I’m sure the viewers will probably think he’s in danger; every time Stephen gets upset, the viewers think they’re going to die or better watch their back.”

Owen is undoubtedly someone who he views as getting in the way.

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