Coronation Street spoilers: Rita’s departure marks the end of an era

Wait a minute! (Image from ITV)

In forthcoming Coronation Street episodes, Rita Tanner (Barbara Knox) gets into trouble and ultimately decides to leave her position at The Kabin.

We know that Rita owned and operated the newsstand from 1973 until Norris Cole came along and acquired half of it in 2006 and the remaining portion in 2009.

After Brian (Peter Gunn) and Cathy (Melanie Hill) became the new proprietors, the icon only works there briefly. Rita decided to work a few shifts as a courtesy to her late buddy.

Isabella, Brian’s Italian relative, has lately arrived, and her arrival has caused issues on the cobbles.

Brian has been extremely impressed by the newcomer’s way of life in Italy. They’ve eaten Italian food, altered Brian’s clothing, sipped coffee in the Bistro, and, much to Mary’s (Patti Clare) chagrin, began smoking.

The renovations taking place where Isabella lives in Naples have changed what was originally intended to be simply a visit into something a little more permanent.

Rita is annoyed when a sleep-deprived Brian shows up late for work and admits that he spent the entire night playing cards with Isabella.

Brian appears to be growing frustrated with Isabella (ITV image).

Rita is then cornered by Isabella, who informs her that Brian needs a younger assistant because Rita is too old to be working.

Rita takes her ground and resigns from her position due to her obvious hate for Brian’s kin.

Later in the week, Brian informs Mary that he would be relieved when Isabella returns home since his irritation with Isabella’s smoking has really begun to show.

Will she though?

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