Ailing Paul collapses as Bernie makes an extraordinary proposition in Coronation Street.

Will Paul permit Bernie to assist? (Image from ITV)

In Coronation Street, Paul Foreman’s (Peter Ash) family and friends have responded to the news of his motor neurone disease in various ways.

Billy (Danie Brocklebank) has taken on the role of a vicar, doing his best to assist and counsel those around him whenever he can.

It becomes clear that Bernie (Jane Hazlegrove), who initially had trouble accepting that Paul was dying when he first divulged the fact, is looking for solace in an odd setting: crystal treatment.

Since it is thought that certain stones, like rose quartz and jade, can interact with the body’s energy flow and realign any channels that are obstructing it, the body is said to be able to heal itself. Bernie believes Paul would benefit from this.

Before this, Billy and Paul are returning to the cobblestones after their vacation.

Paul mails his paperwork and discovers a letter confirming that someone has reviewed his Personal Independence Payment on his behalf.

When Paul locates his mother, he makes it abundantly obvious that he views her fundraising efforts absolutely degrading. Chesney (Sam Aston), feeling horrible, confesses that it was Bernie.

Paul’s leg gives way as he steps off the bus carrying his shopping during the week, resulting in his falling to the ground.

Paul’s leg collapses. (Image from ITV)

Bernie hurries to assist an upset customer. Paul, who grudgingly permits his mother to use crystal therapy on him.

Unfortunately, no amount of crystal therapy will ever be able to help Paul in the long run because there is no cure for MND; however, will Bernie be able to accept that?

Will she come to terms with her son’s illness, or will she remain in denial?

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