Soap & Spoilers EastEnders Melissa Suffield of EastEnders publishes an incredible body-positive article showing off her evolving shape.

Melissa Suffield of EastEnders publishes an incredible body-positive article showing off her evolving shape.

Melissa has been a steadfast supporter of body positivity. (Images via Melissa Suffield’s Instagram)

After sharing an encouraging tweet about her figure before and after her pregnancy, former EastEnders actress Melissa Suffield received cheers from her followers.

The actress, who is best known for playing Lucy Beale in the BBC One soap, now maintains a parenting blog and shares body-positive content on social media to inspire her fans to embrace who they really are.

In her most recent post, Melissa included three images of herself—pregnancy, labour, and delivery.

We develop. We change. We live on. We grow,” she wrote.

Years go by, and things change. Before this moment, there were hundreds of different versions of you, and there will be hundreds more after it. It’s extremely unlikely that they will all have the same appearance.

So you intentionally despise the other versions of yourself, giving them no respect, appreciation, or kindness? You’re going to be miserable for a long time.

‘It’s okay to choose one over the other,’ she said in her conclusion. It’s acceptable to desire you still had it and even make efforts to locate any representation of it. But keep in mind that everyone of you is just as deserving as the one before you.

You are composed of magic.

As usual, Melissa’s fans applauded the actress for her most recent Instagram photos, and some even expressed how the actress’ body-positive images had made them more confident in their own bodies.

One of your followers stated, “First time I’ve seen someone who I feel has the same body as me and it’s so nice to see your confidence and see what outfits suit your body to know how to dress myself.”

“I must confess that ever since I started following you, I have had a changed attitude towards my body. I am now content with the way I look, and I wear what I want to wear and feel so much more confident in myself.Thank you once more, another said.

Since quitting her role as Lucy, Melissa and her husband Robert Brendan have welcomed a boy named River, who is now three years old. Melissa also advocates for body positivity on her social media platforms.

In March 2020, Melissa gave birth to a baby named River, and she frequently posts about his life on her blog, “The Confident Mama.”

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