Spoilers for EastEnders: Lexi runs away as Ben’s bulimia takes grip in gruesome scenes

Ben causes Lexi concern (Image: BBC).

While Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) suffers alone in EastEnders, his battles with bulimia are kept a secret from his loved ones.

He has been driven insane by the eating disorder as a result of losing Lola and the trauma of being raped.

Now that he’s distracted and has lost sight of Lexi, the shattered local is about to unintentionally endanger her.

Ben and Jay (Jamie Borthwick) attempt to get a reclusive Lexi out to lunch at the beginning of the week. Ben stops Lexi from speaking during Lola’s funeral out of concern that it will be too much for her.

Before Jay intervenes to mediate, Ben breaks down in the face of Lexi’s rage. Lexi is enraged.

Ben informs them that they will discuss it further over lunch and that he has finished furnishing Lexi’s bedroom, making it ready for her to move in.

Later, when Jay has to take a call and departs, Ben is still suffering with his bulimia at Walford East. He begins to fear when the restrooms are locked, leaving Lexi in Walford East alone.

When Lexi sees a mother and daughter embracing, she is horrified and flees into the Square. When Billy (Perry Fenwick) sees her, he is appalled to learn that Ben abandoned her on her own. Billy tells Ben that he must take responsibility for being the father that Lexi needs.

Ben had a heartbreaking event, and he decides against letting Lexi move in with him because he worries he won’t be able to take care of him properly.

And Max Bowden warned that Ben’s battle with his demons is just the start of a difficult period.

Ben is given the law by Billy (Image: BBC)

The renowned actor affirmed, “The story has been on the table for a while.” Possibly 18 months ago, we had this conversation. We were locating the ideal moment.

“Ben was going through a lot on the inside after the rape, and losing control was a major issue. It’s a challenging plot.

I don’t have bulimia personally, but I have first-hand knowledge of the devastating impact it can have on not only you but also your family and others close to you.

I adore telling stories, therefore I consider it a great privilege to be able to tell this one in the manner in which we are.

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