Coronation Street spoilers: Ryan exacts retribution on a horrified Daisy for her betrayal through catfishing

Daisy’s actions embarrass Ryan. (Image from ITV)

Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan), despite her best efforts, has found herself in a sticky situation on Coronation Street after repeatedly posing as Ryan (Ryan Prescott)’s ex-girlfriend Crystal in texts. Now, it’s about to bite her.

Daisy was the target of an acid assault, and Ryan was horribly hurt as a result. Daisy felt terrible and accountable for what had transpired.

Daisy tried to divert Ryan as he started to heal by sending him messages that he mistook for coming from Crystal, even though Daisy was aware that Crystal couldn’t handle Ryan’s injuries and didn’t want to see him.

Ryan began to develop feelings for the person he thought was Crystal as time went on, not comprehending that the person he was communicating with was actually Daisy.

All of this culminated in a recent episode when Daisy kept contacting Ryan, who was aware that the texts weren’t authentic because the real Crystal was unconscious at the time.

While Ryan is aware that he was the victim of a catfishing, he is unaware that Daisy was responsible. This will alter in following episodes.

Ryan receives a visit from Daisy and tells her he has missed her before leaning in for a kiss. Carla (Alison King) interrupts them as Daisy reciprocates.

Ryan’s emotions are torn when he learns that Daisy was the one who catfished him through a conversation with Max (Paddy Bever).

He confronts Daisy, who tries to defend herself by saying that she was only trying to keep him from getting injured and that she knew Crystal didn’t want anything to do with him.

Ryan Prescott described his current state of mind to us.

Ryan threatens to reveal to Daniel that he gave him a daisy kiss (ITV).

Ryan and “Crystal” have a lot of natural chemistry, and Ryan enjoys making investments in their relationship, he said.

Because he has been so open and honest with this individual, he would feel humiliated to learn that Daisy has been the whole time.

He would feel like a toy and that Daisy is playing a game with him because it is such a massive deception to play for such a long period.

He would explode with hatred towards Daisy since he believes he has lost both Crystal and Daisy all at once.

Ryan kicks her out, ashamed and enraged. Daisy keeps attempting to defend herself by claiming that she only wanted what was best for him.

Ryan informs her that he will tell Daniel (Rob Mallard) that they kissed since this is too much for him. Knowing that her relationship with Daniel might be about to end, Daisy is horrified.

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