Soap & Spoilers EastEnders Star of EastEnders Heather Peace is open to the possibility that Eve Unwin was murdered.

Star of EastEnders Heather Peace is open to the possibility that Eve Unwin was murdered.

‘I think anyone does anything if they’re pushed,’ Heather Peace warns (Picture: BBC)

Eve Unwin has frequently been observed acting impulsively and intensely, and EastEnders actor Heather Peace has cautioned that when she is pushed to the limit, she is capable of doing anything.

She will be pushed to the limit! Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal), who Heather herself characterised as her “love of her life,” and she had been torn apart, and she is also engaged in a power struggle with the murderer Nish (Navin Chowdhry).

Additionally, Vinny (Shiv Jalota) will attempt to kill her by messing with the brakes of the vehicle she is driving.

It remains to be seen if Eve learns about what he has attempted to accomplish, but if she does, she will undoubtedly desire retaliation.

How far can Eve be pushed before she loses it when the Panesar men are putting their cruelty and violence in the way of her perhaps happy future?

Heather didn’t rule out using murder as a last resort when asked about it in a recent interview with

She has served time for GBH, therefore… I’m not sure, the actress said. “I believe that anyone will act inappropriately if pushed.”

But I don’t believe she’s a woman who premedicates. It would be right now.

She exudes a certain edge. We witnessed when Shiv crossed the line with Stacey that she occasionally snaps, just like Eve does.

Heather has been working with Balvinder Sopal on the big storyline – and Eve will do anything to protect Suki (Picture: BBC)

She fiercely defends the people she loves and will stop at nothing to protect them. Bernie was making fun of my fictitious wife when I said that bad remark to her in the bar.

“Eve is not afraid to cross that line if she feels that someone close to her is being harmed,” she stated.

She also tends to drink excessively and is generally extremely harmful to herself. The Slaters and Stacey are ultimately what are keeping her level, but if left to her own ways, I believe she can plummet.

Heather went on to say that Eve still thinks a future with Suki is feasible, but she underestimates the obstacles in their way since Suki thinks they can make it work.They’d get killed by Nish.

Heather contends that Eve is unafraid of anyone or their adversary.

The issue with Eve is that she genuinely believes she can defeat anyone, the woman said.

Vinny, don’t push her! (Image: BBC)

She is overconfident in the idea that nobody can make Eve afraid. Nobody frightens her, and at times that will work against her.

She laughs directly in Vinny’s face since she has no fear of anyone. She practically laughs in his face as he makes threats to her. She finds that to be funny.

Heather would act quickly to keep her alter-ego safe if she were Eve’s buddy in real life.

If she were a friend, I would advise others to leave her alone like Stacey does. Visit Brighton. Eve is constantly in Brighton! She chuckled.

Which is ironic because I live there. However, nobody else has ever seen the side of Suki that Eve has.

They are examining this tough woman and all that led to her before Eve, so everyone would have the same opinion.

It wouldn’t make sense unless you saw those two together, the person said.

Heather clarified that because the characters will constantly be “pulled together,” any break-up can only be short-lived.

Naturally, this increases the risk of Eve taking any rash, impromptu action to defend the person she loves.

This time, Nish might have found his match!

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