A very early indication of Cindy’s comeback is given by EastEnders actor Adam Woodyatt.

Adam has returned, this time with Michelle Collins. (Images from BBC/ITV)

Many viewers wondered if Ian Beale’s (Adam Woodyatt) return to EastEnders for Dot Cotton’s (June Brown) funeral was a sign that he would be moving back to Walford permanently.

We were led to assume, for a while, that Ian wouldn’t be joining the BBC One soap opera, but things have now changed.

In the episode that was broadcast in December, Ian went to Dot’s funeral by himself. He bid everyone a secret farewell before being caught on the phone, telling someone he was on his way home.

Everyone initially assumed Ian was speaking with Jane since, after all, chatting to Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) 25 years after her death is totally absurd and most certainly never happened.


Michelle Collins and Adam Woodyatt will reprise their roles as Cindy and Ian in last night’s (June 21) episode, with Cindy still very much alive after all these years.

In a shocking turn of events, newcomer George Knight (Colin Salmon) learned that Cindy, not Rose, was his missing wife.

Since it makes sense that the information has been kept a secret for some time, Adam Woodyatt shares with us how he first learned about Cindy. Adam reveals that he has known more about Cindy than you might realise.

“That really was a need-to-know” when we conducted Dot’s funeral, he claimed.

The eight individuals who came out and fired that shot were essentially the department leaders. I returned from filming My Fair Lady on a plane, arrived on a Monday, finished the sequence on a Tuesday, and then took a flight to my daughter’s wedding on a Wednesday.

We snuck it in on Tuesday morning, literally. Nobody knew. Mark, a sound technician and one of my longest friends on set, glanced at me as we were filming and said, “You know. Who’s that? “I’m not telling you,” I replied.

“I’m a master at concealing information.” I was one of the select handful who was aware of Lucy’s murderer.

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