Soap & Spoilers EastEnders Cindy Beale’s ‘amazing’ comeback tale leaves EastEnders legend Michelle Collins speechless: I swear to God!

Cindy Beale’s ‘amazing’ comeback tale leaves EastEnders legend Michelle Collins speechless: I swear to God!

Cindy Beale holding a rose in EastEnders
Although it took a while, Michelle was quickly won over by the plot.(Image: BBC)

It can be difficult for an actor to play a character who returns from the dead after a period of time, but EastEnders returnee Michelle Collins called Cindy Beale’s comeback tale “genius.”

The celebrated actress, who played Cindy on television from 1998 to 2000, revealed that she almost decided against returning until her agent persuaded her to meet Chris Clenshaw, the show’s executive producer.

I didn’t think they were ever going to succeed! It wasn’t the appropriate time, Michelle reflected, and I guess everything in life is about timing. ‘I believe I would have responded negatively if it had occurred five years earlier. The key is timing.

Chris came up to us. Adam and I are friends, and the two of us were on tour together. He mentioned it to me, but I told him it was ridiculous.

‘During our discussion, I told my agent, “This is ridiculous; it’s never going to happen.” and they responded, “No, let’s go meet Chris.” We were having a brunch meeting when he pulled out his laptop and reeled it all off. God, oh God.

“It was amazing.” And I reasoned that perhaps this could work.

Michelle had always thought Cindy being back could never happen (Picture: PA)

After she missed his call, viewers now know that Cindy Beale is the mysterious and missing Rose Knight, George’s (Colin Salmon) wife.

The show’s biggest story, which will continue over the remainder of the year and beyond, is just getting started, and Michelle, who claims to have never shaken off Cindy, is happy with how it all pans out and comes together.

“What was crucial was “Is she going to come back and be exactly the same as she was before?” I asked Chris. and his response was “No.” She is complicated, of course she is.

“The background of who she was, where she went, and what she did all these years. The way it’s all been put together is kind of fantastic.

‘Chris:’ he continuedShe has certainly gone through a lot, in my opinion. To think she has kept her true identity hidden from George, Gina, and Anna during her entire other life.

There is a lot of history there because they were together for 15 years prior to the current 9 years. She isn’t exactly the same person now.

Although Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) and Cindy are back, Michelle and Chris valued the Beale family’s ties to the Knights, the newest clan in Walford.

“Chris wouldn’t tell me who was playing George for a while, and when he did, I thought, “Oh, ok!,” remarked with a sly giggle.

He is merely a superb performer. After that, I met the girls, which was crucial because we have a lot of work to do together and don’t have time to accomplish all that on set.

Chris has been really concerned about everything and knew that it needed to be handled delicately because it is such a big deal to return after that much time, and you want to feel you made the correct choice.

I honestly kind of love coming back. I have the impression that I have come full circle. It is thrilling. Although a little frightening, it is what life is all about. simply accepting it and watching what transpires.

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