Coronation Street spoilers: Max prepares to take down terrorist Griff

Max receives a visit from a police officer (Image: ITV).

In forthcoming Coronation Street episodes, Max Turner (Paddy Bever) learns some information regarding Griff Reynolds (Michael Condron).

The right-wing extremism gang that Max joined last year was led by Griff. Max was kept apart from his friends and family as a result of his manipulation into producing propaganda videos for the group’s social media.

After a bomb was discovered in the Speed Daal van and Alya (Sair Khan) was taken to the hospital after being stabbed, the racist and his friends were detained, and ever since, attention has been on Max, who was detained and transported to the STC.

Max has made an effort to improve his life since being set free. He made an effort to make peace with Alya, and soon he will get the chance to put his ordeal to rest when a police officer shows up and informs him that the CPS needs him to provide a statement.

Prior to this, as Lauren (Cait Fitton) approaches, Max is once again reminded of his previous existence.

Lauren relocated to Cornwall after the authorities discovered and dismantled the gang, after which Max first met her while they were both in the gang.

Max takes Lauren to the café for a conversation after Lauren informs him that she has been kipping at the bus station because she and her mother are at odds.

Shona backs Max (Image: ITV)

Max informs Spider (Martin Hancock) towards the end of the week that the CPS wants him to give a statement during the trial, and Spider urges him to act morally.

Max meets with the CPS attorney and confirms that he is willing to provide a statement on how Griff groomed and misled him with Shona (Julia Goulding) by his side.

But if Max is required to appear in court, will he have to confront Griff once more?

Is Max capable of handling this?

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